100-word Tales

Two Men

Once upon a time, there were two men who started walking – one clockwise and the other anticlockwise, all the way around the Earth, until they came face to face again on the border between Sunday and Monday. And that was the end of that – their journey, that is!

The Wallet

The Wallet was full of himself, because he was consulted whenever something important was going on.

“I confirm affairs and validate agreements, and when I smile, everyone smiles,” he said. He considered it a matter of honour to keep bills in line. He was tolerant of coins, although they were of lesser value, but he could not suffer cards.

When there came a day when there were no notes, coins or even cards left, the Wallet had no reason to smile. Soon his mouth was never even cracked open. After that he could be heard always humming the same old tune:

“Money, money, money…”

The Wind Sniffer

“Everything has its place in the world, and I am right at the top,” boasted the Wind Vane.

“Some say it must be easy to show where the wind is going, but that is not so. I don’t show where the wind is going but where it is coming from! It can be very difficult to know from where the wind is blowing. It is quite the balancing act. I dare anyone to try it!”

So said the Wind Vane and took a new direction.

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