100-word Tales

The Spoon, the Fork and the Knife

The Spoon, the Fork and the Knife each had their duties when it came to the various courses of a meal. One day they decided that they had done the same thing long enough and needed a change. They were completely convinced that each could do the others’ jobs just as well, if not better. So, during one meal, the Fork splashed about in the soup, the Spoon sawed at the steak and the Knife pursued the peas.

The Corkscrew observed their doings from the side and said to himself:

“I am sure I am good for nothing else than for opening a bottle of wine, but that’s what I’m built for and I do it well!”

So he did, and he never let down his user.

Properly Seen

Binoculars or telescope, eyeglasses or monocle? As they could not agree on their relative usefulness, they asked a glass eye to act as judge. It spent a while peering and viewing, looking near and far. Finally it gave its verdict:

“It’s hard to roll from one to the other, so one is better than two. And who would want to look at me from afar, when I am at my best seen close up? Therefore I choose the monocle!”

A Tale of Hammer and Nails

“Teacher, teacher, I can’t put up with this pummelling! It’s splitting my head!”

“Look sharp and sink your teeth in.”

And so the Hammer hammered the Nail into a plank of wood, where it finally understood its purpose. Together with the others it was holding everything together!

Another Nail said to the Hammer:

“I don’t want you to teach me! Please stop!

“Be quiet,” said the Hammer and kept banging. But the Nail wriggled and wreathed so that it was soon bent too far out of shape to be any good. The Hammer had no choice but to turn its tail and pull it out of the wall.

It never became clear whether the Nail’s behaviour was due to a crooked nature or a dull head. However, the Hammer knew that it would sometimes come across such cases, and did not let that bother its work.

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