navratri ke colour 2020

Check out the significance of this colour. In Nepal, Navaratri is called Dasain, and is a major annual homecoming and family event that celebrates the bonds between elders and youngsters with Tika Puja, as well as across family and community members.

White is the colour for Day 2, which is a symbol of peace and purity. Depicted as walking bare feet and holding a japamala and kamandal in her hands, she symbolizes bliss and calm. Navratri is Celebrated as Saraswati Puja, Navratri Ke Bhajan : Navratri 2020 Pooja, Colour List, Date, Images, Videos.

Sharad Navratri 2020 or Maha Navratri is commonly celebrated during the Indian month of Ashvina that commences from the first day of the lunar fortnight. Also known as Saraswati Devi.

Samruddhi Naroji. The festival is associated to the prominent battle that took place between Durga and demon Mahishasura and celebrates the victory of Good over Evil. The colour of the fifth day of Navratri is royal blue. People worship Goddess Mahagauri on this day. On …

In the past, Shakta Hindus used to recite Durga's legends during the Chaitra Navaratri, but this practice around the spring equinox has been declining. The Rama Navami remembers the birth of Rama, preceded by nine days of Ramayana recital particularly among the Vaishnava temples. The colour peacock green is believed to fulfill the desires of devotees. The festivities extend beyond goddess Durga and god Rama. Chaitra Navratri 2020 Date in Indian or English Calendar, Colours List.

It is observed the lunar month of Ashvin (post-monsoon, September–October). The 9-day festival commences on Vijayadashami or Dussehra, which is the tenth day of the festivities. Of these, the Sharada Navaratri near autumn equinox (September–October) is the most celebrated and the Vasanta Navaratri near spring equinox (March–April) is the next most significant to the culture of the Indian subcontinent. half-moon). The color of Grey is symbolic of the transforming strength of a mother when her child is confronted with danger.

The Festival is celebrated for nine nights and devotees pray, take part in the Dandiya Raas and Garba and offer prasad to please Goddess Durga. According to some Hindu texts such as the Shakta and Vaishnava Puranas, Navaratri theoretically falls twice or four times a year. The most celebrated of the four Navaratri, named after Sharada which means autumn.

The fifth day of this festival is often independently observed as Vasant Panchami or Basant Panchami, the official start of spring in the Hindu tradition wherein goddess Saraswati is revered through arts, music, writing, kite flying. * Kadhi prepared with kuttu atta and sea salt, * Kuttu atta roti with kaddu sabzi or aloo sabzi. DAY 3 - RED Hindus worship Goddess Shailputri on this day. Maro Priya Tahevar Navratri Essay in Gujarati. Farmers, carpenters, smiths, pottery makers, shopkeepers and all sorts of tradespeople similarly decorate and worship their equipment, machinery, and tools of trade.

She is depicted as having eight arms and sits on a Tiger. In this avatar, Kātyāyanī rides a lion and has four hands. It is in this form that the Goddess is worshiped as the consort of Shiva; she is depicted as riding the bull, Nandi, with a trishula in her right hand and lotus in her left. Navaratri is celebrated in different ways throughout India.Some fast, others feast. Here she has four hands. To Bengali Hindus and to Shakta Hindus outside of eastern and northeastern states of India, the term Navaratri implies Durga Puja in the warrior goddess aspect of Devi. Warriors thank, decorate and worship their weapons, offering prayers to Saraswati. The color of the day is red, which depicts action and vigor. Goddess Durga is worshiped as Shailaputri on this …

Various other goddesses such as Saraswati and Lakshmi, gods such as Ganesha, Kartikeya, Shiva, and Krishna are regionally revered. Tritiya commemorates the worship of Chandraghanta - the name derived from the fact that after marrying Shiva, Parvati adorned her forehead with the ardhachandra (lit.

On the last day of the festival also known as Navami, people pray to Siddhidhatri. Maa Siddhidatri Aarti. [18] These nine days are solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars.
On this day, which typically falls on the ninth day of Navaratri after the Good has won over Evil through Durga or Rama, peace and knowledge is celebrated. 840 Reads | Published on Oct 18 2020, 11:30:1. ROYAL BLUE.

Yellow is the color of the third day, which is a vivacious color and can pep up everyone's mood. Students visit their teachers, express respect and seek their blessings.This tradition is particularly strong in South India, but is observed elsewhere too. Navratri Day 2 will be observed on October 18 this year. Navratri colours represent different meaning and it is the same colour of saree or fabric that is adorned to the Goddesses depending on the day. On this day of Pratipada, Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of … In other traditions of Hinduism, the term Navaratri implies something else or the celebration of Hindu goddess but in her more peaceful forms such as Saraswati – the Hindu goddess of knowledge, learning, music, and other arts.

Brahmacharini is worshiped for emancipation or moksha and endowment of peace and prosperity. The white color portrays prayer and peace and ensures the devotees that the Goddess will protect them from harm. Ghatasthapana/Pratipada, Day 1 - October 17, (Saturday) Navratri color of the day - Grey The colour Grey signifies the power to curb evil and spread the joy of goodness. The second most celebrated, named after vasanta which means spring.

Musicians upkeep their musical instruments, play and pray to them. Shailaputri is considered to be the direct incarnation of Mahakali. 17th October 2020 – Grey. Hindus worship Goddess Skandamata on Day 5. It signifies beauty and fearlessness.

The colour stands for happiness and brightness. Hindus worship Goddess Brahmacharini on this day.

Hindus worship Goddess Shailputri on this day. The festival begins with the bright and vibrant Orange.

People wear red colour on the third day of Navratri. Hindus worship Goddess Kushmanda on this day. The festival begins with the bright and vibrant Orange. For example, a notable pan-Hindu tradition during Navaratri is the adoration of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, learning, music, and arts through Ayudha Puja.
In many regions the festival falls after spring harvest, and in others during harvest. October 18, 2020, Sunday Navratri color of the day - Orange Worshipping Goddess Navdurga wearing Orange color on Sunday bestows the person with qualities such as warmth and exuberance. Hindus worship Goddess Kalaratri on Day 6 and this day is called the Saptami. Called Ashtami, many people perform Kanjaks on this day. On Saptami, the Goddess appears in a white color attire with a lot of rage in her fiery eyes, her skin turns black. The Sharada Navaratri commences on the first day (pratipada) of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Ashvini. The color associated with this day is Pink which depicts optimism. Maa Siddhidatri Images. Navratri 2020 Day 8 colour. Should Read: Dussehra 2020 Date: know all about Vijayadashami's significance.

The colour of the fourth day of Navratri is royal blue. Hindus worship Goddess Brahmacharini on this day. The other two Navratris are observed regionally or by individuals: in Magha (January–February), winter season. In many regions, the festival falls after the autumn harvest, and in others during harvest. The Chaitra Navaratri culminates in Rama Navami on the ninth day and the Sharada Navaratri culminates in Durga Puja and Dussehra.

This year, Navratri Day 8 falls on October 24 and the colour for the day is Purple. Navratri 2020 day 5: Colour of the day. Women who observe Navratri traditionally wear royal blue sarees today. This colour is considered good … First day of Navratri. Blue is the color code of this day. Hindus worship Goddess Katyayani on Day 6. Known as the warrior goddess, she is considered one of the most violent forms of Goddess Parvati. Believed to be the creative power of the universe, Kushmanda associated with the endowment of vegetation on earth and hence, the color of the day is Green. However, the stories vary from region to region. Mahagauri symbolizes intelligence and peace. This colour is considered good for health and wealth.

The celebrations vary by region, leaving much to the creativity and preferences of the Hindu. For most contemporary Hindus, it is the Navaratri around the autumn equinox that is the major festival and the one observed. Navratri Ke Bhajan Colours List for Navaratri 2020 DAY 1 - ORANGE.

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