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Mostly try to make something delicious that has a lot of good fat and some acid (vinegar, or citrus juice, or tomato, or wine). You might experiment and see if fewer carbs at breakfast and more carbs later in the day might allow you to get used to eating carbs without getting very high glucose levels. These include liver, kidney, egg yolks, seaweeds, shellfish, fermented vegetables, and bone broths. If you normally eat these foods every day, cut back to once a week or once a month. And thank you for the book you wrote! I posted a question back on March 18 and am asking again, really hoping you’ll be able to reply. Well, to name a few of the things, in the movie they say that soy contains fito-estrogens which are the opposite to estrogens so they have the opposite effect; meaning soy is actually good and act by blocking the estrogens from attaching to human cells. Lots of great data out there now. The other steps recommended in the book are also helpful, but these will get you started. Use lower-calorie ingredients or prepare food differently. Good satisfying meals. I have just finished my second reading of your fine book, and think I have been eating pretty reasonably within the guidelines of the PHD for a full year. It also mentions that your very low carb diet caused a systemic fungal infection that I’m assuming you fixed. Polyunsaturated fats should be a small fraction of the diet (~4% of total calories). As far as the evidence being “no longer debatable” is absolutely not true. He is 75 and refuses to go through chemotherapy but he would like to follow a healthy diet! I steam Yukon gold potatoes for about an hour and then refrigerate for use throughout the week (thereby benefitting from increased resistant starch and lower glycemic load). Here’s the question: I can’t eat anywhere near the amounts of food each day that the PHD suggests! Secondly, besides taking the MCT/coconut oil and the branched-chain amino acids, I’m wondering what else needs to change to go into ketosis, given that I’m already doing 16 hour fasts, on zero fructose and eat only small amounts of safe carbs. Are you kidding me?! Forgot what stage he had, but they give him a 50/50 chance. Does this sound right for keto as well? Eat smaller amounts. Why is sour cream on the ok list but daily overall is not? I have been getting recurring yeast infections for almost 15 years now so I’m positive I have a fungal infection that might be quite severe. I’m more than willing to keep an open mind. DO you have any comments, would you be kind enough to make me understand all that? Stock up on healthier foods that contain fewer calories to help prepare you for weight-loss success! My heart disease risk could not go a any lower according to every modern CVD risk calculator. Broths or stocks made from animal bones and joints. shortly after practicing PHD, my BP readings started going down. Am I able to overcome an infection of this magnitude, assuming I’m correct (and potentially others I don’t know about) by simply following your instructions in your previous comment?

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