lisa beamer remarried

I guess it encouraged people to be reminded…that even though the terrorists had taken much from us, we still had strength and resolve to conquer our fears and reestablish our lives.
The Good Wife.

What Happened to Todd Beamer's Family After Sept. 11, 2001.

N. pag. The very next night, Lisa Beamer’s testimony, rolling out in fully formed paragraphs, elicited the “hope to see you again soon” (18 Sept. 2001).

n.d. Lisa gave birth to a daughter in January 2002 and continued making appearances to support the foundation. “Looking Up.” Today’s Christian Woman 25.4 (2002): 46–54. Gamson, Joshua. New York: Little, 2002. Print.

: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage,” with proceeds donated to the foundation. Television.

Ordinary People and the Media: The Demotic Turn. 2001–02 (various dates). Beamer, Lisa, with Ken Abraham. Print. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors?


Berkeley: U of California P, 1994. Print.

Print. New York: Picador, 2008. Fox News. Todd Beamer’s wife Lisa made a series of public appearances and interviews, established the Todd J. Beamer Memorial foundation, gave birth to a child, and authored a book since Sept. 11, 2001. Douglas, Ann. Film. Timberg, Bernard M. Television Talk: A History of the TV Talk Show.

“Reluctant Celebrity Nets Agent’s First Bestseller.” Book Publishing Report. N. pag. Marshall, P. David. From Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama—First Ladies and Their Social and Feminist Agenda, Cli-Fi in American Studies: A Research Bibliography, Contact, ImprintPrivacy Policy / Datenschutz, Burns, Gerald. “Transcript of President Bush’s Address.” CNN 21 Sept. 2001. Thomas, Evan.

Lisa drew criticism when the foundation successfully attempted to copyright the phrase “Let’s Roll!” less than a month after the crash, which, along with her numerous appearances, critics saw as attempts to profit from the tragedy.

“The Gloried Self: The Aggrandizement and the Constriction Self.” Social Psychology Quarterly 52.4 (1989): 299–310. 5 Sept. 2002. First Generations: Women in Colonial America. Perry, Steve.

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Austin: U of Texas P, 2002.

Wife of the man whose call “Let’s roll!” helped rally fellow passengers to action on a hijacked flight above Pennsylvania, five months pregnant at the time of her loss, Beamer came to be known as the “hero widow.”. Julianna Marguiles. The Performance of Celebrity: Creating, Maintaining and Controlling Fame. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2014. e-book. “The Unwatched Life Is Not Worth Living: The Elevation of the Ordinary in Celebrity Culture.” PMLA 126.4 (2011): 1061–69.

Kelly Lee: Yeah, I—I just recently realized that other people are—I just couldn’t get past my own. 2nd ed. Journalism in a Culture of Grief.
“Lisa Beamer.” The Times (London) 22 Sept. 2001: 17. “Lisa Beamer’s Strength.” Interview by Stone Phillips.

“The Irony of Celebrity Populism.” Washington Post 1 May 2016. n. pag. Web. Dionne, E.J.

AP Images.

The foundation broadened its mission and changed its name to Heroic Changes in 2004.

Web. 14 Oct. 2014. Perf. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. Burns is a founding member of Franklin Pierce University’s Monadnock Institute for Nature, Place and Culture and served as Project Humanist for the Institute’s recently released documentary film, From Hurricane to Climate Change. I peered over the balcony railing and there…were dozens of congressmen and  congresswomen, clapping their hands and looking up…at me! Losh, Elizabeth. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage.

Thelma and Louise.

Print. N. pag. “Mommy vs. Mommy.” Newsweek 3 Jan. 1990. Finally, after an especially felicitous peroration, “The ‘Women of Faith’ gave me another rousing standing ovation and sent me soaring home on a cloud” (275–77). ___.


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