what happened to ilovemakonnen 2020

I can’t wait for the day I leave this neighborhood forever.” His probation ended this May; that same month, he released Drink More Water 4, the first EP to feature outside producers. “If y’all really want to trip,” the engineer suggests, “we can turn the laser light on.” He dims the overheads, and green and red dots start to flicker on the ceiling, constellations expanding and crashing together.

On a couch in the main room, Makonnen plays with a Ziploc bag. Like, I’m cool on Georgia. “It was just Hate Makonnen Fest. ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved.

“I’m freaking ouuuut.

A nasal voice that evokes refined academic conversation, even as his lyrics descend to utter filth, bodes well for Father’s chances in a city where, for an artist, being different is key. I was there tonight to meet and greet everyone with love. “I was like, ‘Shit, don’t tell my dad, don’t tell my dad,’” he says. His parents divorced soon after. 2020-04-13T00:18:15Z Comment by Erick Lopez. With a knock, Makonnen enters an unfinished basement containing a ceiling-high stack of cornhole boards, a race track for miniature cars and seven scraggly teenagers in graphic tees and denim shorts: Sea Ghost. “But they’d be like, ‘Whatever, I’m going to play my video game in the room.’ Here I am, the youngest one, in a group of four or five of us getting into trouble: the sex channel, everything. Trinidad Jame$ borrows a dollar to buy Skittles from a vending machine. They take a group photo, and Carter screen-prints Makonnen a Sea Ghost T-shirt using his laptop as a hard surface. He was released that night but was soon served a warrant.

Let’s chill. I didn’t have any friends really young, and I remember being at my dad’s girlfriend’s house, and the other kids were playing basketball, and I was just outside with my little recorder, talking into it about whatever came to mind. It’s the exact same neighborhood and the exact same house. Everybody fucks with Makonnen now. With permission from the court, he followed in his mother’s footsteps and enrolled in cosmetology school, where he dolled up mannequin heads in heavy makeup and jarring pink hair. “I’m like, ‘Dude, chill, it’s not even that serious.’ The other guy’s like, ‘Yeah, bro, we don’t play with guns.’ Anthony puts the gun in his lap and unclips it.

My plan is to get the gun and put it in this trash can, so we can finish smoking and shit.

Sea Ghost’s lead singer, Carter Sutherland, struggles to cue up a suitable song for a rap verse—or singing, if Makonnen would prefer—on a laptop plugged into a guitar amp. When Father tries to pan over to Richposlim in a seamless singletake, Slim flubs his verse and buckles over in laughter. The Georgia-raised artist burst on to the scene in 2014 with his Drake-assisted hit “Tuesday,” and the song wasn’t only critically acclaimed, it was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. We’re just freaking out, so we run in the house to get Anthony’s older brother, and I’m like, ‘Dude, your brother just got shot.’ I see Anthony over in the car, just shaking and dying and sh--. I’m going to take them all over the world.” In 2009, he posted a blog entry with an itinerary for an imaginary “world tour” of concerts that he wished he could attend. “What is all this about @Drake?” wrote ILoveMakonnen in now-deleted tweet captured by XXL. I saw the flash, and I saw him bleeding out of his head. In the year since his single “All Gold Everything,” a viral success the rapper’s seeking to repeat, Trinidad’s loud afro has been traded for more demure cornrows, though he still wears gold-dipped Chelsea boots.

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