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In the heat of battle, there’s no time to think. The M‑60 machine gun which is assigned to me earlier that day sits on top of the bunker, resting on the overhead cover; I grab it and fire in the direction of the assault.

As the first chopper makes its pass the sky lights up like the Fourth of July with tracers.

We weren’t motivated. And to my discredit I have to admit that I was actually rather more interested in boats than the Vietnam War, which by then seemed to have gone on endlessly on our TV screens each evening. To remember that it could have been you or someone in your family. Gen. McCaffrey is a member of VVMF's Corporate Council and is the chairman of the Advisory Board for the Education Center at The Wall. “The Vietnam War was far more complex from the Vietnamese perspective than anything portrayed in the Western media. Paul Jackson and several others from Charlie Company, 1st Bn., 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division and the brave men of B/2/19th (105mm) and C/6/16th (155mm) Artillery units. The trials of a weary nurse, her friends and colleagues in a Vietnam War field hospital. My dad has only recently started talking about his experiences over there ... diving out of a jeep down a 10-foot concrete stair well to avoid incoming RPG, fire fights, massive sleep deprivation, substance abuse. In 2007 another government inquiry finally acknowledged the truth: New Zealand troops were sprayed with Agent Orange; it had increased their risk of certain cancers and neurological conditions, and it had caused birth defects in their children. Just wanted you to know that of all the brothers I lost in Vietnam, your death was the hardest for me. It’s impossible to know for sure, but some people believe more Vietnam Vets committed suicide after the war than died during the war. By 1968, we were suffering more than 1,200 killed in action each month. In teams of two, we carried, dragged, pushed and slid the dead to the helipad for the choppers to fetch. Due to the so-called Fog of War, it was not often we knew for certain when we had killed someone in battle – there were only a few instances during my tour in Vietnam when I could say for sure I had and this was one of them. Death is something we hide from. (1987–1988). I am one of them. Against all odds, the chopper makes it through. I assure them they will be okay.

My school pal said, no, they are from Vietnam. There was sporadic firing through the night as the enemy probed the perimeter trying to find a way out. And now, so many years after, we can say that we were right in our protests. There was no fire coming from the village until we got about 50 meters away – even then, the gunfire coming at us was only light sniper fire. After our dead are gone, we drag the enemy dead to a mass grave dug by a bulldozer flown in that morning. Though it was a relatively short battle, it was by far the most intense fighting I saw during my tour.

The closest doctor was in the provincial city, but for local villagers, it might as well have been in another country because it was too far to walk, they didn’t have money to hire transportation and they knew that if they managed to overcome these obstacles, the medical staff wouldn’t treat them unless they paid for care, and they couldn’t pay. The hilltop position is about the size of a football field and relatively level – like a small plateau.

By the age of two I had been diagnosed with two neurological conditions – spina bifida and diastematomyelia.

Her good advice always makes my writing better. Both are bleeding and calling out for help.

An anthology series featuring stories suggested by true events occurring during the war in Vietnam, often written by Vietnam veterans. October 4, 2020 — 11 Comments. The Vietnam war a series about the Vietnam war.

Keith was not only my big brother, but he was also a father figure, someone I truly looked up to for advice. But even though we were very different, I felt an affinity for you from the start – maybe one of those “opposites attract” things. And suddenly, March 1975, the end was there.

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