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Guys calm down he’s just very excited to be in the show, that’s all. In the books he had the same attitude, but he learned from it. Just like stannis. Maybe it is that I don’t like people who think they are better than others/have a right to power over them simply because they are who they are. Yes, she is concerned with the question of how to behave in order for her people to trust her and how to make her rule benign, but she doesn’t question whether she should be a ruler. I just hope most of the dothraki don’t have a lot of scenes, they could be the sandsnakes of this season. Word. He began his career in TV with roles in Judge John Deed, The Bill, Hotel Babylon and EastEnders where he appeared as two characters in 2001 and again in 2008. And I agree with you regarding going into something with a negative mindset. Oh well. And Wayne, one of the reasons I love reading posts here is the array of intelligent folk from all sorts of fields and all walks of life. That’s part of why I don’t sympathize too much with Dany’s plight. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, I think Dany will question her right to rule sooner or later, but I think we will have to wait for it until she’s in Westeros.

You can alwas find parallels, variations on themes but with twists that are fun to think about. Yeah, the timing is right- in lieu of news, a good laugh was warranted. my initial response was going to be read the books and how can anyone find her stubborn arrogant and unreasonable… I rek u like so many potatoes mashed with disregard! The spoilers weren’t of the typical nature that are usually posted on here and flagged as ““Plot spoiler below the cut!” They were pretty substantial death/non-death spoilers that are usually flagged as ““HUGE spoiler below the cut”Could have benefited from a stronger warning to be fair.. A year after it was revealed that Danny Dyer‘s daughter was heading into the villa, Tamer Hassan’s daughter Belle arrived as part of 12 Islanders sent in to ruffle a few feathers for the Casa Amor twist. She then yells the command, Drogon does his thing, and this guy is no more. boo hoo i have no self discipline and i read the spoiler and it wasn’t the spoiler i was expecting so now im going to blame the website rather than my own weakness.

And if you’re saying DJP was too derivative of English while creating Dothraki…well…them’s fightin’ words to a conlanger. I don’t think there was any other purpose foelr that dialogue. Those angles include but are not limited to: happiness, excitement, and awe to be included in the show. Very well said and I agree with you completely!

Deesensfan, I would advice to read the books as well since it will have lots of details and differences from the show…. That reads like an Iggy Azalea freestyle.. xD. I’ve been laughing about the idea of him in it ever since, especially in the really well spoken roles like Tywin. M,B&W have set it up so that either figuratively or literally, Jon and Daeny are going to work in tandem. I am sure you will find plenty of new things and there will also be differences, so knowing where the story goes won’t spoil your pleasure. What a tool. Dee: Actually the combination of performances such as Hildebrands, Hinds, Russels and Cosmos in just one episode is a mere pleasure that makes GOT so special…. Different weaknesses and strengths. Danny Dyer is the guy who stops to listen to the woman with the pushchair (and is doing the voice over). Unless they just wanted him to stop and gave him a “really important scene!” that will mostly be cut. “Yeah, I’m a family man.. One scene. I think if she gets to sit on her throne, she will find just how lonely and miserable a place it can be. She lead the peple of sick and old through a desert …she knew that they all look for her to be strong and hence she a little girl with lots of fear his her fear and lead them …stayed with the dead people…ordered to stop the rape of those lazharan girls …she could have bought 3000 or 4000 unsullied with what she had and went on her way to pentos …but took a great gamble with her life for those remaining unsullieds..just imagine her gamble had failed in Astopor …she still could have left For westeros but went to yunkai…and then to meereen all on her own.not because someone taught her ..jorah advised to buy unsullied and leave and barristan advised to not to buy and go as beggar to westeros..she acknowledges her mistakes and stays to correct those in meereen..goes into the camp of those who are suffering with plague and help them with her own hands … They seem to have been picked for appearance and abs, please god let this not be another twilight scene in GOT. It looks like my theory was right.

That’s is why she feels that all the bad things that have happened to her subsequently was because of her inability to love a motherless child. Regarding historical inspirations, this is pretty damn great: It’s just that you sympathize more with her difficulties than I do. His acting better be on par with Streep to warrant that article- and even then he should be humble. Sorry, tried to edit and it wouldn’t load. This has been the problem with dany.

Sorry for the long post. Some would consider whether a character dies or not as a major spoiler. It’s really not telling us anything hugely important. There was a link on here a while ago to an article about people who either turned down GoT roles or auditioned but weren’t picked and Danny Dyer was apparently one of the latter, more than one attempt I seem to remember. I’ve never seen it – fighting of any kind really doesn’t do anything for me, I get bored when GoT have them, never mind things I’m less invested in. But I’m sure his preseason comments guarantee he won’t. It seems D & D may have her spending a lot of time with the Dothraki.

So he’s cocky and a bit arrogant, who gives a fuck? That was funny! Already ahead of you on that XD i’m on a 24/7 lookout for the trailer lol, ahahahahahahahahaha … covered in spikes … that is his horse i mean…. And actually just might hurt him land future jobs. My only fear right now is they dont make drogon appear and burn shit like what they did in daznak will make the scene repetitive. Sometimes it becomes necessary ..she gave the peace and tried to compromise everything but the masters only took it for granted …and planned to butcher her when volantis arrived …so if she gets back to meereen and kill the ghiscari and masters I will be OK with it .

When we do get it, it’s likely only going to be quick edits from the first few episodes, and it will only make the wait for the premiere even tougher with anticipation. I’ve always felt that dialogue was there for a reason other than just to show us the extent of Cat’s feelings (or lack thereof) for her husband’s bastard. Same. Curious when and where they’ll meet.

In other words, no, “plot spoiler below the cut!” in bold wasn’t clear enough for you…lol. ash,

And it’s a fair enough point. That said, he can’t be a bad actor because he always seems to convincingly play characters that repulse you.

After further review, he seems to be giving quite a bit away which makes me think he just made it all up to get his name out there. Could it not be assumed that Mag Nuk would be a combination of whatever language the giants used before the First Men and the Old Tongue? House of the Dragon finds a new filming location home base in the UK! Sexist MUCH? . But that was only in the very beginning of AGOT though.

Maybe he is a very nice person but he kind of gives off a smarmy aura-. LastKiss: D&D have been excellent at picking actors, so regardless of tamers experience they must see something they like and fits their needs, they have been bang on so far and I have no reason to doubt their judgement now.

It was a nice emotional moment for Catelyn which was not there in the books actually. Thanks:), I don’t sew how it works while she is in and drogon on outside ..but iam ok with your scenario also its dany taking the decision and control just like astopor that’s alright I guess…but I think that leaked script may happen earlier to that scene. Hodor! Tamer Hassan is a British actor of Turkish Cypriot descent. I personally feel that this season will be like what she had in season 3 the best arc next to Jamie and brienne….progressed with a good phase and with more development..

Sigh*. They don’t go around saying “oooh, I’m gonna be so evil” – even Hitler, in his twisted mind, believed himself to be some sort of savior. My comment above was a reply to Ramsay.

The way he presents himself, though – not my cup of tea. She is a conqueror who thinks she’s God’s gift to her people and strives to live up to it by being the best queen she can be with her limited experience, but she still thinks she is the only viable choice. I dunno, maybe I prefer the knights and soldiers and battles and political intrigue of Westeros to a bunch of bare-chested, cliched noble savages talking in their cliched, stilted, pidgin English. That’s supposed to be “create” not “great”. “I’M like super bad most important guy in world, eh?Is no one who better than me, yeah? Really glad we got so many Khals, I was expecting to get around 2-3, 1 with Dany another against, but this really got me excited! Yeah we’re probably not getting the trailer until February.

Martin discusses his least favorite scene from Game of Thrones; it’s probably not what you think. Brace yourself dragonbringer is coming. Now everyone knows the show won’t have her in it so I wonder again what could be meaning behind that little conversation with Talisa.

and world.I do acknowledge the possibility of it, but if rlj is true his claim is better than Daeny or not?

Wayne Gleeson: Wrong. Ramsay’s 20th Good Man,

boo hoo i have no self discipline and i read the spoiler and it wasn’t the spoiler i was expecting so now im going to blame the website rather than my own weakness. Have u seen me in Mercedes that I am buying straight cash brah? Really. I can’t seem to edit it. Hopefully Thrones is soon.

And make her do what …they can’t place her in westeros because the place and storylines must be in a said place and certain point when dany comes…and until then she cant go there and not stay in meereen too.. Where are my ships?! Correction: HUGH SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT….ffs. Why don’t you blame GURM,he’s the one who brought the dothraki back in the plot,D&D are just following his lead,weren’t book purists complaining that they make up their “own plots”,well now here’s what you have . Place the spoiler remarks inside this short code: Remove the extra spaces between the word spoiler and the brackets, and the front slash and brackets before publishing your comment. Hopefully we get on with the roast before it becomes a bore. “Yeah, I’m a family man.. As for what you said about Jon’s mistakes coming to fruition later on – that’s interesting. How do you know offending commentators were even female? the Black Dinner´from 1440 and Massacre of Glencoe. . 2016 will be my lucky year.

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