milwaukee brewers uniforms

The team confirmed growing rumors that they are returning to the clever, memorable ball-in-glove logo that came to identify the team until 1994, when they moved on after a 25-year run. #glovestory Full story: On the left sleeve of both versions of the home uniform is a baseball patch with seams of barley, borrowing from the 2000-19 logo. But why use uppercase letters for those, and not lowercase to match? — Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) November 19, 2019 Twitter, the great equalizer, seems pleased with the Brew Crew's new getup: Love the Brewers going back to the ball-in-glove retro logo/uniforms. In 2018, the Brewers simplified that logo with a capital, cursive “M” atop a single sprig of barley. Heritage. For example, Richardson said, “If (going to cream-colored uniforms) was a decision made just to be different, those are always risky and we don’t like to make decisions like that.

“As we continued to explore, it continued to rise to the top as the being the one that carries that story in the best way.".

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