madame antoine ending

She is able to see through people’s stories due to her intelligence and keen sense. Hah, when she watches him pulls out of the driveway in rapture, she begs herself to come to her senses, evidently besotted. Yeon Woo tells Soo Hyun that the only way to help her is to get the Chairman to agree to let her get married, so that she can escape his home. Hye Rim asks her sister, Yoo Rim (Hwang Seung Eon) if she has a refined and pretty friend who she can enlist to test Soo Hyun’s fidelity. His manner when drunk reveals his problem with regressing naturally. Over dinner, Hye Rim is trying to encourage Seung Chan to develop romantic feelings for Mi Ran when Soo Hyun calls asking her to join him for dinner. Later, the woman requests a reading from Hye Rim, but what she really wants to learn is more about Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun chases after Hye Rim and attempts to explain, but Hye Rim refuses to listen, and resorts to passive aggression. Hah, once again, he remembers the moment when he wiped her lips, and he furiously adds that “unplanned physical contact serves only to propogate inappropriate feelings, which is unadvisable for the progression of the experiment”. Meanwhile, Tae Hwa stays up late using Photoshop to insert his name into Soo Hyun’s diploma, then shows up at a meeting with two academics while claiming to be Soo Hyun. Seung Chan attends the baseball interview, and stumps his interviewers by being absolutely honest when he answers the questions. He offers to show interest in her from now on, but she tells him to piss off. So get out there and start watching. But when she returns to the bar, Soo Hyun is already slumped over the table, and Sung Oh dashes out topless again. Yoo Rim is shocked by the age gap, and not in favour of helping them get together. A conversation between the Docs reveal why they are so concerned about Sung Oh. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. While I agree Hye Rim’s behavior has been grating (so much so I was thinking she’s going to make him rethink his feelings and reasons for falling for her), but I take it more as the writers not coming up with more creative ways for her to make the doc crazy. Yoo Rim (Hwang Seung Eon) if she has a refined and pretty friend who she can enlist to test Soo Hyun’s fidelity. When he refuses, she asks for at least the contract she signed.

HAHAHA. Soo Hyun attempts to reach Tae Hwa at work, and finds out that no one by his name works at the company. They lie parallel for some time, taking in each other, before Hye Rim admits that she’s unable to fall sleep. Robotic Ji Ho (Lee Joo Hyung) interrupts Yoo Rim in the middle of filming to ask to be reinstated in her documentary. She’s never boring to me. The cast members are easy to grow attach to Ahem besides maybe Won Ji Ho and the first obnoxious patient. She’s distracted by co-worker (his name is Sung Oh), who’s making a drunken din after downing copious amount of wine by himself. LOL. He whacks it again. She loses her cool and screams at the both of them, but Soo Hyun directs her to his office to quarrel. She finally convinces her that she’s been sent by Marie Antoinette, who is concerned about her well-being. I’m afraid that for the show to straddle the fence and be so on-off about the experiment, the moment of revelation may no longer retain the same level of hype and excitement.

Enter your email address to drink with us! Its really adorable how he squats next to her for a cute shot together, but then he sends it to Seung Chan. HAHA. Heh, the scorned phones Hye Rim immediately, repeating that she should not trust his brother, and but the latter tells him to talk later: she will make her own decisions.

To be honest, I am quite torn between my wish for an instantaneous revelation and for more build-up before the big ka-boom. ( Log Out /  Despite my worry at the start about how convincing a sudden relationship can be, I love how the show really takes its own sweet time and not cut straight to some unconvinving love. Change ). I was starting to pity poor Soo Hyun, though by the end, these feelings abruptly ceased. Yoo Rim vets his card, and scoffs that her sister is so terrible at math that she’s gonna hate this (“she even hates addition and subtraction!”). Hye Rim reluctantly agrees to enlist Ji Soo to seduce Soo Hyun. Sung Oh rejects a second consultation, as Yoo Rim tells Hye Rim. Why is he so defensive? Well, we all know how he reacts to them, but this time she asks for real, and he admits that its a memory trigger of his biological mother at the amusement park. Soo Hyun goes to visit the Chairman (Byun Hee Bong) and notices that he exhibits obsessive compulsive tendencies, though the old man denies that he is suffering any mental illness.

Soo Hyun is prepared to say something, but he restrains himself, and lets Seung Chan continue the conversation instead. I think her best bet would have been to confront him, give him a good slap, and never speak to him again, but this is a drama and they have 5 more episodes to go so they’re dragging thing out. Soo Hyun weakly tries to reason that Hye Rim won’t forgive him for lying (dem words are true), but Seung Chan’s positive that his sincerity will come true. Thankfully, we have an in-house Doctor, who insists that Yoo Rim bring Sung Ho back to the clinic for a consultation.

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