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With the state’s excruciating housing crisis, we expect Bennett to effectively represent the middle ground, protecting the land-use autonomy of local governments while devising incentives to produce genuinely affordable housing. Before he became a congressmember four years ago, he served three terms as county supervisor, representing Santa Barbara’s 1st District. As a lifelong educator and school administrator, Bennett will be ideally situated to advocate on behalf of education reform and funding. Opponents of the measure argue that the human brain is not biologically fully baked by that age.

It’s been 24 years since the Goleta Union School District has put forth a bond measure to support and improve the 10 elementary schools it governs. Right now, they only get a break if they buy in the same county. Laura Capps is exactly the leader the Santa Barbara Unified School District board needs in this time of transition and crisis. Like us on Facebook. Most independents are … Carbajal, the son of Mexican immigrants who, as a boy, worked in the farming fields of Oxnard and later served in the United States Marine Corps, is a pragmatic, non-ideological Democrat. Democrats made gains in the 2018 midterm election, which was largely seen as a referendum on Trump. An independent voter, often also called an unaffiliated voter in the United States, is a voter who does not align themselves with a political party. ”Monique Limón | Credit: Paul Wellman (file)“. These are also relatively important issues for partisans. But the resolution never came close to doing that. 15 could generate $6.5 billion to $12.5 billion a year in new property tax revenues. All agricultural lands and structures will remain under Prop. At UCSB, she expanded educational opportunities to all students, bringing new perspectives to the discussion. Wildfires and sea-level rise all demand huge public expenditures. 22 was written by these companies in an attempt at a get-out-of-jail card. We suggest a quick no vote. They make up about 9 percent of the survey. One unintended consequence of Prop. Two other candidates who’ve never run for office before, Erin Guereña and Anna Everett, bring the skills and life experiences that will add depth and clarity to the board meetings. If it doesn’t pass, they’ve threatened to shut down operations in California. In addition to the race for Goleta mayor, Goleta voters face a second question when it comes to the mayor: Should the mayor serve for two years or for four years? At the risk of sounding churlish, we already gave on this one. She also volunteers for the Santa Barbara Rental Mediation Board. His style is soft-spoken but thoughtful, more of a mediator than a trial attorney, which is what he was before retiring.

Measure L asks district voters to approve a $7.8 million bond to correct this situation. Republicans want it (81 percent for), Democrats don’t (86 percent against), and independents are in between, but significantly opposed (64 percent against). “With growth in independents, many voters seem to be saying to the two major parties, ‘A pox on both your houses,’ ” said Rhodes Cook, a University of Virginia Center for Politics analyst. On their second- and third-most important issues, independents resemble Democrats on one and Republicans on the other. Like 89 percent of Republicans, most independents (80 percent) don’t want a total ban on guns.

Gino Spocchia 16 October 2020 08:49 1602838817 When state voters overwhelmingly approved Prop. Our students and teachers deserve better that that. Elections are not always won by independent or swing voters, but they matter when the contest is close. Nationscape Project. During the campaign, Virginia Alvarez promised that she is uniquely qualified to step into this job on day one.

In the 2016 election, some independent voters moved away from major party candidates to support third-party ones, according to Reuters/Ipsos exit polling data. On their highest-impact issue, they are split about whether it should happen, a mash-up of positions from both parties. Use this page here to login for your Independent subscription. With Prop. No wonder the state real estate lobby spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on negative ads to defeat him in the Democratic primary. Many students  at Cold Spring School and their dedicated teachers must work in uncomfortable, ill-equipped, portable classrooms. Lynn Vavreck, the Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics and Public Policy at U.C.L.A., and John Sides, professor of political science at Vanderbilt, are co-authors of “Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America.” Follow her on Twitter at @vavreck and him at @johnmsides. The number of independent voters has grown since 2000, but only gradually over recent cycles, and the numbers hardly change at all when you look at the past 15 years, since Gallup began tracking the data in 2004. As always, the Independent endorses only when we are confident that we have done our full diligence. They don’t vote in lockstep with the council, either, which is a healthy practice of democracy. Vicki Ben-Yaacov is that candidate. Those percentages show why millions will be spent to sway independent voters in the 2020 presidential election in states like Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado and Arizona. Trump won in 2016 with a plurality of 49 percent of the vote. Under the current law, companies must notify consumers that they’re collecting or selling their personal data and how they intend to use that data.

There are no easy answers, only hard questions.

Vote no.

We hope it will help you cast your vote in safety and with confidence. Prop. It was made explicit that the resolution was not an endorsement of the Black Lives Matter organization or the specifics of its agenda.

Given this, we’re not inclined to pile on. When the United States becomes the meritocracy it’s always said it was, Prop.

Dangerously, wrong. Come up with the right package of issues, and either party could find independents who are on the fence swinging in their direction. Heter was a highly praised principal of Lompoc High, and she has worked to turn the Lompoc Library into a community centerpiece. 24 will provide a baseline of protections that are better able to stand the test of time.

We need people in that office who understand the system and know how to help and improve education. Perotte has consistently championed the slowing of growth in the burgeoning city and the preservation of areas that remain untouched. Also new is that they could use these special rules three times. Prop. The two states where that mattered most in the national election may have been Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Rothenberg wrote in a column for Roll Call. Trump has given voice to the dark side of the American soul while smearing the legitimate grievances of those many who still suffer. These patterns of cross-party similarity continue as we move down the list of topics important to independents. From deciding who will represent you in Congress or on water boards and school boards, your vote will matter. Under Prop. In Santa Barbara County, it would generate $51 million a year, 40 percent of which would go to school districts. It’s little wonder that drivers for such companies have been struggling for better working conditions. And through her ingenuity and perseverance, companies have helped the district bring internet connection and devices to children. That she even took on the challenge seemed foolhardy. The most recent study by the Pew Research Center shows independent voters tend to be young, with nearly one-third under the age of 30, and more male than female. Perhaps the least-understood government entity in Santa Barbara County is the County Superintendent of Schools and its board of directors. While the issue is far less important to them, Democrats don’t either (68 percent against). Absolutely Yes. In doing so, she has not ignored growth proponents like the city’s Chamber of Commerce and has helped to fund its community endeavors with city grants. We can’t help but side with those proposing the longer term, which was suggested by the city’s Public Engagement Commission. A consummate centrist, he knows that working together is not a hokey campaign slogan; it is how the world works when it works well. Under Prop. Independent voters are more diverse in age, race, gender and income than Republican and Democratic voters. Even before COVID, huge question marks loomed as retail markets dramatically shifted. Political consultants and academics disagree about how to reach out to nonpartisan voters, but concur that engaging this fast-growing segment of the electorate is key to success at the polls. As such, a majority of independents who lean either Democrat and Republican favor marijuana legalization and LGBTQ marriage. Mischief? Priorities USA, a nonprofit, pro-Democrat group, announced this summer it had raised $23 million, with pledges of an additional $64.6 million, to spend in swing states. When everyone within a school district is confident that those in authority understand their needs, then the whole school district functions more smoothly. Prop. Nationally, 38 percent of voters are registered independent, according to Pew, compared with 31 percent who are registered Democrat and 26 percent registered Republican. Wendy Sims-Moten brings to the board a strong commitment to financial responsibility, consistently and effectively paying close attention to the budget — not a simple chore for such a large district. Jahangir worked closely with other board and community members to put a long-term plan in place.

With 28 years as an educator, Ibarra has learned the importance of combining excellence in teaching with a student’s need for social-emotional support. The only problem with this attempted coup is that the current occupants of this board currently are — and long have been — truly stellar public servants. It also prohibits the two medical monopolies that run most clinics from rejecting patients based on type of treatment — code speak typically for Medi-Cal or Medicare.

It credentials and trains teachers; it provides special ed instruction; it oversees the state’s preschool programs and runs the oral health collaborative in which the poorest kids in the district get screenings and braces. While sitting on the State Assembly Banking Committee, Limón took on the banking industry numerous times — winning some and losing others but always standing up to its powerful lobby. Laura Capps is an outstanding, hardworking boardmember who truly cares about the children who depend on the school district to do the right thing. Now, that center, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, is back, requesting $5.5 billion in bonds. A recent study showed that in the three years following Prop. On a less contentious but more serious matter, she helped facilitate the rebuilding of Ventura’s Vista del Mar psychiatric hospital destroyed during the Thomas Fire. America First, a pro-Trump group, has a goal of $300 million for Trump’s reelection, though the breakdown for swing states and targeted independents was not revealed. Democracy Fund + U.C.L.A. Incumbent Robert Miller, representing the district including Goleta has served one term and two stints as chair.

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