gonyosoma jansenii for sale

Apparently easy to transition if not eating rodents yet, R. moilensis – Egyptian False Cobra *WILL BE SEXED* Nationwide shipping available via Reptile Express. Some of these are just..WOW, 1,0 Saltuarius salebrosus CB16 – $780 0.1 Malaysian B.d.melanota ready to breed next year

Albino T+ 350 7,4

68-73f ambient CBB17 female Gonionotophis poensis! Pricing is in CAD, USD is lower than shown below.

E.angramainyu Ilam $400/ subadult female Hella nice Albino Dinodon!

In the wild it is believed that mating is stimulated by the rainy season from November to March. ♂♀ Calotes calotes CB 2020 $1350CAD/pair, yes, expensive but TRUE CBB!!!!! very responsive This lovely lady is up for grabs! Extreme Red x Extreme Red Patternless Red Forest Rat Snakes (E.conspicillatus) 2.2 Nationwide is extra, Armadillidium maculatum “yellow” – 15x / $135CAD 2-3 year old $125 $720CAD/$540USD pair, 0.1 Toxicodryas pulverulenta $280 3,3 PLEASE understand these snakes do not turn blue at one year old.

het Speckled Albino $195CAD/$156USD We hope to get this going by the summer. Not shown in photo, but google has many**. Currently on fish, but slowly transitioning onto scented pinks.

Sorry this image isn’t available for license in your territory, please contact us for more information.

daytona beach > general for sale - by owner ... QR Code Link to This Post. I will just update the list here with new critters as we go since it isnt going to be a super large shipment. Can’t be boring with these. +5% on animal value. Payment Plan is possible, **NOTE** VISUAL AXANTHIC IN BABIES START OFF MUTED YELLOW AND TURN MORE WHITE EVERY SHED! ), CBB 1.1 Boiga dendrophila dendrophila. Gorgeous baby TRUE captive born and bred Ornate flying snakes. Rose $320 1,0 For EU, Canada or USA.

Pre-pay for multiple images and download on demand. Eublepharis angramainyu Choga Zanbil $700/ subadult female

Grey baby photo is of one of the babies I have here with me. 1.1 Saltuarius cornutus CB20 $5760/pair 5x Lacerta schreiberi **nice when adults** $180 each, **FEMALES MUST GO WITH MALES** A few highlight worthy “newer” morphs of some species! Megaphonea velvetosoma $85CAD each Unfortunately we cannot “pick out” individuals prior to import, however if enough are sold I will allow buyers to pick what they want once they land. 0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless albino CB 2019 $3500 Copyright complaints  ~  


Germany to Ontario shipping cost is the following: WC Acanthosaura nataliae. Information is currently restricted to G. oxycephalum and G. jansenii, but you can expect to see attention given to other species in the near future.

This plant grows very quickly and can carpet the bottom of the setup very quickly in these kinds of conditions. (Check services page for export cost), Shipment is estimated to land 2-3 weeks from now, payment plan is possible. Underwoodisaurus Milli babies CB 2020 $120 each “Provence” $65/10 pcs Mabuya macularis/Orange Skink $15 each Theyre good looking.

The supralabial at the posterior eye is highly arched around the back of the eye. There will be a 10% discount for full snake payment upfront, and probably the safest bet to not gamble with the exchange rate. 20% non refundable deposit is required to hold. Nationwide shipping and USA export is extra, So we are working on another shipment not related to our main EU shipment. Shipment is to arrive in 2-3 weeks approximately, 5x Podarcis s. siculus $225 each or $200 each for 3+ Probably one of my favorite boa breeders to work with!

$5,800CAD/$4,295USD for the pair **EU to Canada shipping included**, Photos are NOT of actual individuals. 1,0 Proven Breeder CBB12 Trans-Pecos Rat Snake,Blond Phase Copyright complaints  ~  

Red $75 2,3 SOLD, E. climacophora Albino $150 4,4

Pricing is in CAD. They seem to favour plant cover over “hard” cover like stones and pieces of bark, so as well as providing these I would plant something like Ficus pumila directly into the ground.

Thrixopelma cyaneum $75CAD each (Several avail) Assume June-July.

Boiga nigriceps/Green Headed Cat Snake $250

Ready and available now. Please first click 'Inquire' to notify the seller and give them several days to correct the matter before you report it. These mini “tegu-like” lizards make for a great display. Phyllurus amnicola CB 2019 $550CAD each

♂♀ Gonatodes humeralis WC 03/20 $350CAD/pair (many avail)

Pricing is in CAD, email or PM for conversion or check Paypal. ♂♀ Pachydactylus latirostris CB 2019 $950CAD/pair This snake would be landing in around 2-3 weeks time.

Mabuya multifasciata/Sun Skink $15 each Paradise flying snake / Chrysopelea paradisi     $335 rare! First 4 photos of these guys.

Cubaris sp. L.alterna 3.4 more expected – $175 each. Het. LTC young adult female **FROGS VALUED LESS THAN SHIPPING WILL BE $30 EACH, Inverts Scolopendra galapagensis $350CAD each (Several avail) Porcellio sp. Reptile Express shipping is extra. Otherwise a fairly east to keep species.

Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Litoria caerulea $25CAD each Or – $385CAD/$308USD each . 2018 1.1 100% het. Only Java. BUT if someone insists.. Reptile Forums > Classifieds > Reptile Classifieds - Exotics for Sale and Wanted > Snake Classifieds: SE England Gonyosoma jansenii User Name: Remember Me?

In general, both Gonyosoma species have the ability to reproduce all year long. Please understand that shipping is TO BE DETERMINED due to the Coronavirus and airlines putting live cargo to a halt for now. All photos shown are of past babies, and parents. And only the 3rd het available (and only has been 2 months for the first ones) Nationwide shipping is extra for Canada. N.amyae babies $750 each I also have a new 18x18x36 ReptiBreeze enclosure.

$700CAD/$525USD each for them. (ISOPOD SHIPPING IS $25 per culture, 4+ cultures are $15. Photos of parents available upon request.

Albino I & II $120 1,1 / Green House Snakes $175CAD/$140USD

2.4 Crotaphytus bicinctores 1.2 for $600

1,0 Aeluroscalabotes cf. 10x Lacerta trilineata $200 each or $180 each for 3+. Enter your log in email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Some are eating overnight on their own, and a couple still assist feeding(with ease!). ♂♀ Rhinella margaritifera $180CAD/pair (several avail)

Black Mozdok $200 4,2 0,3 Ptenopus garrulus maculatus – $680 each female – $1650 all, 2,2 Gowidon longirostris CB19*PARENTS PICTURED* – $1550 per pair. Underwoodisaurus milli CB 2020 $180CAD each Boana punctata CB 2020 $180CAD each Occidozyga lima/Floating from $5.50 each

Select from the license options below to get a price. Toffee Tangerine I & II $120 4,2 /

CBB from some of the best Eating rodents with gutso! Dendropsophus reticulatus Brown FB 2020 $95 each (many avail)

Do NOT touch the snake unless required. Hella nice Vietnamese Blue Beauties! USA is possible, but please check out Services page for info on export. In scutellation there are 2-3 supralabials that contact the eye, with typically two in G. oxycephala, and three in G. janseni.

♂♀ Geckoella triedrus CB 2019 $1350CAD/pair USD will be lower than what is shown below. Speckled Albino one each $310CAD/$250USD In their natural habitats G. oxycephala is known to produce up to four clutches of eggs per year, while G. janseni appears to only produce one clutch per year.

Much nicer than mom’s colors I am sure.

Hets only Aplopeltura boa/Slug Eating Snake $200 each, Boiga drapiezi/ White Spotted Cat Snake $240 each, Boiga jaspidae/ Jaspers Cat Snake $250 each, Chrysopelea paradisi/Paradise Flying Snake $300 each, Dendrelaphis caudolineatus/ Striped Bronzeback $90 each, Dendrelaphis formosus/Elegant Bronzeback $180 each, Dendrelaphis pictus/ Painted Bronzeback $75 each, Pareas carinatus/Snail Eating Snake $180 each, Ptyas fusca/ White Bellied Rat Snake $550 each. Almost all of the articles were written by Freight Freitas, reproduced with permission. Otherwise, state your intent: I'd like to buy this animal.

Boaedon lineatus $175CAD/$140USD Alamy and its logo are trademarks of Alamy Ltd. and are registered in certain countries. 2+ $385CAD/$310USD each, PRICING IS IN CAD.

Whitesided $710CAD

Please, pairs only!. ♂♀ Stenocercus chlorostictus *GORGEOUS MALES* $700CAD/pair (Many avail) I estimate her around 2.5 years old.

1.0 Chondrodactylus angulifer CB 2020 $600CAD/$480USD If significant enough, the change will be applied to final payment. Cubaris sp.

All refunds will be void once shipped out to the customer. Striped $65 1,1

Hypo campbelli $255CAD/$192USD each or all 8 for $210CAD/$158USD each

We are taking early reservations for CBB20 Philodryas baroni!

Bred 1 time last year $980CAD/$690USD shipping included from EU to me, 0.1 brown ready to breed next season, 3 yrs old $1150CAD/$805USD shipping incl. $40 of every Nephrurus sale will go towards conservation efforts (Undecided to which at this time), 4.2 Nephrurus stellatus

2@ $200

– 0.2 Splotched Sinaloans $360CAD/$288USD each or $330CAD/$264USD each for both, – PATTERNLESS THAYERI AS FOLLOWS(FEMALES MUST GO WITH MALES): —————————————– Babies $200 each, WC below:

These guys demand space and have a striking personality to boot!

♂♀ Nephrurus deleani CB 2018 $1400CAD/pair Ameiva pleii $260CAD/$195USD each, Photo credit to Reptiles4All, of some actual animals that come in, 1.1 2016/2017 Proven breeding pair of Green Cat Snakes. Males fire up with bright orange heads. These will be TRUE CB with legitimate CITES/importation paperwork! They are shy and secretive, so would require plenty of cover. PLEASE note shipping is extra, Snakes *Ptychozoon spp/ Flying Gecko $85 each, Aplopeltura boa/Slug Eating Snake $200 each Elaphe climacophora KUNASHIR 1-2 months 2.2 $175CAD/$130USD Kunashir $150 SOLD, Euprepiophis conspicillatus

1.2 Underwoodissaurus milli Proven breeders (Male 2016 females 2018; price for trio)$800CAD/$640USD

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