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Mingyue told Jian Jian that she came to see her to brag because she knew she liked Ziqui in highschool. In fact, he has been holding back, fighting, and feeling insecure, so he tries his best to pull himself out of the abyss.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'cdramalove_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_19',109,'0','0'])); Zhang Xin Cheng 张新成 as He Zi Qiu 贺子秋Runs a coffee shop and is a dessert chef.
Then Ziqui also went in and she said they were all leaving her, contrary to their promises that they will always be together. She wanted him to make a wish but he said he never make birthday wishes because he does not believe in miracles. Thank goodness, his birthday started well with a present of Nike Air from Jian Jian and ended with the two closest to him, Jian Jian and Ziqui.

The boy has abandonment issues and Heimei does not acknowledge this seriously. Anyway their tete a tete was interrupted by a call from the kindergarten. Ling Xiao could not help but smile when she was telling him what Mingyue told her. Jian Jian made everyone overcome the sense of worry over how Ling Xiao must have lived with his mother. Then Ziqui came home and told them that he just met Auntie He. The next morning, Jian Jian, Ling Xiao and Ziqui went for noodles at Haichao’s.

She then told him she was sick, unwell, and can’t eat anymore. He said that her sculpture of ‘Family’ was copied from his work released four months earlier. He does not believe that Jian Jian should get married at all. Jian Jian liked the kiss but was so embarrassed about it she buried her head on the cushion. , Do you know if there will be any special episodes? All of them have one thing in common: they do not have mothers. Due to the dental work on her mouth that day, she really can’t eat anything, much less cakes, but Ziqui was insistent not knowing her predicament. He confiscated the book. It was Ling Xiao’s 27th birthday and Cheng Tin threw him a party inviting the family.

He was being paid by Hepang to feed him and look after him. Ling Xiao’s would sometimes text Mingyue to ask her to secretly send him Jian Jian’s latest photo. He said that not that he was not in favour of Ling Xiao, he is worried of Chen Ting.

Enough said!

She told him to wait for next year when she could sell her flat in Singapore and buy him a flat. Her father said that it was out of order. She could barely take care of herself so she could certainly not be able to look after him.

She went to her bedroom sobbing her eyes out. Ziqui said that he was so sad and worried about Jian Jian. He was just a neighbour who she grew up with. They were all busy and their only contact was a quick text during holiday seasons and birthdays. She then heard that Ziqui was working two jobs and struggling with money. Cheng Tin said that he if treated his sister half as well as he dotes on Jian Jian, his sister would have not been as rebellious. It has been nine years and there was hardly any contact with them. Then Jian Jian came to him with his missing slipper and gently wiped off the dirt and grit from his foot before putting his slipper on him. Heimei was a con-artist, much too inferior for the saintly Haichao. She opted for the later and Ziqui was like a proud father when he saw that the spoilt Chengzi could behave like a reasonable human being given half the chance.

She runs a beauty parlour, married with a four year old son. He said that people like him have no energy to look at other women to get to know. Ziqui became bashful but excited that she was thinking of marrying him. When he felt like giving up, he would call Mingyue to ask her about Jian Jian. He wanted to hold hands while they were walking together. Ziqui said he was alright and went to his bedroom. He told her to go back to her place. His father is a policeman and his mother cannot get over the death of their young daughter. He told Hiachao the story about his dead daughter. Ling Xiao said that he and Jian Jian will visit them during the spring festival (New Year).

She was so frightened and stressed and when she met Tang Can at the hospital, it was the last straw when Tang Can jokingly said that Ziqui was all bloodied and the doctor had said that they did everything they could. Seven Tan Songyun as Li Jianjian; Song Weilong as Ling Xiao; Steven Zhang Xincheng as He Ziqiu; Now, something is being set for the unlikable Heimei. Ling Xiao came home one day to see his sister being so bothered. She feels like she was in a cocoon which somehow can’t break through. Cast. Meanwhile, Zhaung Bei seemed to be seesawing between Mingyue and Tang Can. Heichao was so grateful to Hepeng that he declared that Heping will be Jian Jian’s godfather. This episode is bittersweet. Ziqui still hiding his face said that he used to squeeze a girl’s tummy. It was Jian Jian all along. His hobbies are cooking and saving money. She told him that she wishes that he becomes a dentist so she would not be scared of them.

So they were in the hunt to find the photo. Her mother just plainly said, ‘You are my life.’. His holier than thou attitude was so apparent as he continued on that Jian Jian should not make a habit of copying other people’s work and then said that she should should the repercussion of her plagiarism into their business and should alone foot the penalty from their furniture commission. Tu Song Yan 涂松岩 as Li Hai Chao 李海潮Little noodle shop owner, Li Jian Jian’s legendary father. Ziqui was so shocked and told her that she has got a sewer mouth and if he hears her saying things like that again, he would smack her face. Jian Jian was overwhelmed with Du Juan’s loyalty to her.

He needed to repeat the year to get a chance to enroll in a Chinese university. Ziqui returned the pocket mirror with her photo back to Hei Mei as a sign that they were through as family. Jian Jian was upset about Tang Can being sniggering towards her so she went to a coffee shop and ordered a huge cream cake she busily enjoyed all to herself until the gorgeous Ling Xiao showed up. Cheng Tin was still in Ling Xiao’s flat with her sister feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she needs to find her own happiness. She was talking to her friend who was telling Heimei that she had seen Ziqui who is such a good boy, as good as Heimei. Ling Xiao was having none of it and gave her his mobile phone in front of everyone at their dinner table. He was to say goodbye to his dying grandma while he was on the phone about his mother’s accident. Jian Jian asked him what happened in Singapore. Speaking of Jian Jian, her career as a sculptor met a bit of a hiccough. Ziqui can’t be outdone. Abroad is too far at least 10 hours on the plane. Both Jian Jian and Ziqui were in trouble as the mother of the tubby boy went to complain to Jian Jian’s father, who said that her son was no angel and showed that he scratched Jian Jian’s face and gave Xiqui a black eye. Poor Mingyue. And he promised he won’t ever again. Poor Ziqui missed the family so much but did not know what to do, how to come back to the fold.

He gave chase but he lost her.
Ziqui realised in hindsight that Jian Jian was always hanging around Ling Xiao and the sight and mention of Ling Xiao always made her eyes megawatt. Mingyue called Jian Jian a dog which insulted Jian Jian so much it made her cry.

The girl choked on the nuts and Ling Xiao can’t get any help as they were locked in the house. Now the three girls are comparing notes who has the sorriest life.

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