choose him again flip chart

It is a beautiful song. I am going to be teaching my children “Starlight” by Monica Scott that they will be singing for our Christmas ward party on Dec. 7th. My primary presidency would like me to start teaching it next week and I am at a loss as to the best way to do it! Thanks so much! The children love the pictures and try their best to say the english words. Thank you so much! It is just beautiful!

Do you have a flip chart of To Be His Child by Shauna Edwards? This is my contribution to your primary children.) First of all thank you for this website, it is wonderful!!! thank you x, Yes, that one is complete already in the New Arrival Section and also alphabetical listing of I. Yes that one is already complete. My mom was looking for Tell me the Stories of Jesus which is on your list but it comes back unavailable. It is under the B section. Could I get a flip chart for The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ that is in the January 2020 Friend?

I have the flipchart complete for you!


Thanks! I have reposted those for you. If you don’t want to laminate them, put them in sheet protectors. Discover (and save!) Thank you for sharing the beautiful flip charts with us. I have contacted Shawna Edwards to see if she has a Spanish edition. # 140 Did you think to pray? Thank you for everything you do for those of us who do not have your talents. Take a minute to post on the site where you will use the flip charts. You are a life-saver.

I will really appreciate very much!! Thank you for all your hard work. Sometimes it can help to see everything laid out. That one is already complete.

If you can send me the lyrics in a Word document or in an email, I can do it for you at the end of February. Mary Ashworth is an accomplished pianist and musician.


Please email me at to make a flip chart request. Look in the new arrivals. I have a flip chart for every song in the primary book! I taught this concept through Hum Your Favorite Hymn too. Can I have the flip chart for Peace in Christ, Can you make one for Gethsemene? Your email address will not be published. Tamara. How do I get permission for those flip charts that I want to print?

Look under “F” Follow the prophet. Enjoy your April singing! And teaching them through music is such a wonderful way to touch their hearts.

I am so happy to have found your site.

Wow! Thanks for all you do, it’s so helpful and wonderful. I just posted that for you. Please help! It is a lifesaver! Is there a way to get these in Landscape?

It is a beautiful song! I’d been putting off preparing to teach it because it’s a hymn, and not from the children’s songbook, so I was sure there would be no teaching resources. I absolutely love your flip charts. Thank you so much for reaching out. Doubly thrilled and surprised to see that it’s current with President Nelson pictured as the Prophet! So you can look in the alphabetical sections or the section labeled Primary Song Book by Number. © 2020 — Powered by WordPress, I Like to Listen to the Prophet Sheet Music, The Book of Mormon Tells of Jesus Christ PDF, Follow the prophet (Book of Mormon and Latter Day Verses), Follow the prophet (Book of Mormon and Latter Day Verses) PDF, The Gospel is a Great Foundation Sheet Music, Come Follow Me: I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, Come Follow Me: I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus PDF, When I Hear of Pioneer Children Sheet Music, When a Prophet Speaks for God Sheet Music, If the Savior Stood Beside Me Verses 1-6.pdf, Walk in the Light of the Lord Sheet Music, Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored Sheet Music, The Sabbath Day Sheet Music (Nathan Howe), I Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ PDF, I Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Sheet Music, I’m Learning the Ways of Jesus Sheet Music, There is Love in My Family Tree Sheet Music, It’s Joyful to Live the Gospel Sheet Music, When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice Sheet Music, The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Flip Chart, The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Flip Chart PDF, The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Advanced Accompaniment, The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Simplified, I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Medley, I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Piano, I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Flue/Violin, I Know the Scriptures are True Sheet Music, The Book of Mormon Teaches Me Sheet Music, The Scriptures Can Me Lead to Jesus Sheet Music, Life is Overflowing with Beautiful Things, Life if Overflowing with Beautiful Things PDF, Life is Overflowing With Beautiful Things Sheet Music.

I also posted that new option. Also please check Book of Mormon Stories for page layout. I have so many requests right now.

I believe it was in The Friend last year. Tamara Fackrell. Could you make a flip chart for To Be His Child.

I have used several of your flipcharts and we appreciate the time and talent you put into helping us teach children these powerful messages. Would you please make a flip chart for The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ.

Look at under the alphabetical section “I” thanks! I am ever so grateful to you for these beautiful flip charts. To download a flip chart just double click on the underlined songs. I am wondering if you could do a flipchart for Shawna Edwards’ new “Thankful” song? If you send me the words, I can make a chart for you. Is there any way you can make it available for us? Thank you so much for “My Own Sacred Grove”. Thank you!

Chrisandra, I will believe what I believe is done and in the alphabetical section. You used that new flip chart. You gals are AMAZING!!

You just need to double click on the Flipchart and then you can access it.

Hi there,

I love this site and use it ALL THE TIME!!! She has taught thousands of people to play the piano, has perfect pitch, and loves to make harmony. I am checking to see if you received the lyrics from me to Heroes from the Book of Mormon by Janice Kapp Perry? It is in the alphabetical section under “H” I hope it goes wonderfully! I appreciate all you are doing!

Thanks you so much for a beautiful lds chorister website!! I just posted the He is the Gift by Shauna Edwards.

Yes Diane, that is complete now. It is by Annie Bailey – Is it possible to have this flipchart made?

Do you have the song, Think A Sacred Song? . It seems like everyone I’ve asked has never heard it before! That one is complete.

You are the best.

When I googled, and found your flip chart, I was thrilled!, I am happy to do that for you if you will type in the lyrics for me in a word document or email and send it to I am BRAND NEW to this calling and have no idea what I’m doing. That Hymn is ready for you. . I hope the children can gain a stronger testimony through this song being written upon their hearts. To download a flip chart just double click on the underlined songs. I’m so excited and I just can’t wait to show off these awesome flip charts to my Primary babies, they’re going to love love it.!!

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