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Termites and ants (particularly Carpenter Ants) often look similar at first glance, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. Carpenter ants only dig into wood in order to excavate their nests. Look for wood shavings. Both love to destroy the wood in your home and cause damage, and both swarm and become active in the spring and summer months. If you find swarmers crawling around on your exterior walls or in your backyard, there are some other ways to tell which swarmers you have. The way that the two insects interact with wood is different.

Although carpenter ants tunnel through wood in order to hollow out a space for their nest, they don’t actually eat wood as termites do. Termites also have reproductive swarmers that have wings and perform essentially the same job. Have a straight body rather than the pinched waist of an ant. Due to the makeup of building materials, termites are much more likely to snack on wood when they’re in your house.

One difference between carpenter ants and termites is the time of day swarmers are active. Termites vs. Carpenter Ants To the untrained eye, (which is most eyes, unless those eyes work in pest control! Email Their bodies are also noticeably larger than the other termite castes. Termites have straight antennas sticking out of their head, while carpenter ants have elbow shaped antennas. Action Pest Control's effective bed bug treatments can protect you and your family from this nighttime pest. The tunnels and galleries of the carpenter ants will be very smooth and finished; termite galleries, by comparison, are rough and ragged because they are filled with layers of soil and mud.

You can minimize damage or put protective measures in place with the help of an experienced pest control specialist. Well, termite wings can fall off easily. Though both of these creatures have two antennae, their antenna is visually different. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, typically swarm sometime between May to June. The sample can be used to compare with online photos and graphics, or you can show it to an entomologist or a pest control professional for identification and recommended treatment. ABC has you covered! Termites have wings that are equal in size. The Action Pest team has the experience to trace and eliminate any bed bug infestation. Again, though, this can be very difficult for a layperson to properly identify. It’s important to understand the difference so you can use the right pest control methods to get rid of each. Phone Number Any wood that they’ve traveled through will be relatively spotless, with only tiny piles of sawdust left behind. CHOOSE YOUR PEST TermitesBed BugsMoisture ControlRodentsAntsSpidersMosquitoesBeesCockroachesOther While carpenter ants will have wings with a more yellowish tint to them. The termite soldier is easily recognized by their large heads and large mandibles. Like most ants, carpenter ants are nipped in at the ‘waist’, with a slim part in between their thorax and abdomen; termites, on the other hand, have bodies of a uniform width.

The key difference between carpenter ants and termites is that carpenter ants are hymenopterans while termites are isopterans. When people see “white ants” crawling around, they are actually seeing termites workers. Read our mosquito prevention tips. Termites are not the only insect that has an affinity for eating or burrowing through wood. The wings on a termite will be much larger than these insects. The wings

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