aew double or nothing 2020 predictions

He’s been mostly great in this role: dismantling everyone who has gone against him and completely the turn of the Dark Order as a cringe act into a group of main roster players. Jon Moxley, however, is not ready to lose the title. This will be one million times better than WWE’s most recent Money in the Bank-style ladder match. MJF is returning from injury and thinks Jungle Boy isn’t worth his time. He’s also not so much of a daredevil to injure himself during the contest. MJF can bounce back from the loss and this will set Jungle Boy up for a shot at whatever title MJF has down the line. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy.

Don’t be surprised if Moxley ends up surpassing Chris Jericho’s past title reign when it comes to consecutive days held. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Stella Cheeks: Pretending that Britt Baker isn’t injured :(((( I’d say she is the right choice to win this match. AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Match Card & Predictions. Now Archer will finally get his wish and take on Cody. Video related to all elite wrestling double or nothing 2020: matches & predictions, THE AEW TAG TEAM DIVISION IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD | AEW DYNAMITE 05/13/20, #AEWDynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT How to watch Dynamite Fite TV –, ORANGE CASSIDY GETS BLASTED AND TAG TEAM ACTION YOU CAN'T SEE ANYWHERE ELSE | AEW DYNAMITE 05/13/20,,, The Inner Circle has managed to stay on top since its very inception. This storyline has been built up perfectly – Cody has fought valiantly to make his way to the Finals, while Archer has torn through the opposition with ease. Private Party are an exciting young team that have shown that against the right teams, and in the right formula, they can have incredible matches. It’s pretty safe to say that Darby Allen will do something extremely risky off the ladder, Orange Cassidy will do something cool while his hands are in his pocket, Joey Janela will risk it all as expected and Scorpio Sky will certainly do the same. The no DQ stipulation is to Nyla’s advantage for her sadistic nature. Claire Elizabeth: I’m goin’ big, because you ain’t got a no-compete when your contract runs out. It’s that time again: Sunday silliness with social media! Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Double or Nothing marks the anniversary of AEW’s first ever PPV, but things haven’t gone exactly as planned thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Predictions & Winner: The Dark Order’s “Exalted One” has put his in-ring dominance on display since arriving in the AEW. Pick: MJF, Kyle Decker: Jungle Boy will raise his stock, but he’ll take the L. MJF is their heel prodigy and he’s not losing just now. I get the feeling that this feud needs to continue, plus Cody has to claim a title at some point during his AEW career. Pick: Scorpio Sky, Rev.
Mr. Brodie Lee has been fantastic in his role as the leader of the Dark Order (#JoinDarkOrder) and has shown his entertainment skills through some good promos (check out the most recent Road To). But with several months and a lot of uncertainty between now and All Out, I’m thinking the winner gets his shot on television, and I think Mssr. This is also a great showcase opportunity for Private Party who are relatively green that greatly benefit from the experience of a big PPV match.

Griffin: Britt Baker and Kris Statlander have a lot of potential as being the top dogs of the women’s division. (In the cards - get it? Predictions & Winner: After weeks and weeks of required absence from AEW Dynamite, both MJF and Jungle Boy have finally returned to the ring. Love Private Party, but the loss of their initial momentum after upsetting the Young Bucks in the tag title tournament still feels bad, and besides— when have they ever popped a dog or talked a hog? It’s way too soon for Mox to drop the gold so they’ll have to come up with a finish that protects Brodie. In the before times, it felt like we were going to get a solid conclusion to the feud with a Blood and Guts match, and it still seems like that’s still the end game.
Hell in a Cell results, recaps, reactions, videos, more! The most underrated element of this build has been the use of Arn Anderson and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who, while they haven’t been in ring wrestlers for upwards of 20 years, they have immense experience and knowledge that comes across great in their promos. The combined efforts of “Woken” Matt Hardy and The Elite will overcome the Inner Circle and do it in the most convincing way possible. I’m putting my money on Cody for this one.

Mike: Britt Baker is someone who has benefited from the extra focus she’s gotten from being able to be at the Atlanta tapings. He did it for MJF and he’ll do the same for Lance Archer, who needs the win way more than Cody right now. Archer winning the title and having a longer undefeated streak would do more for the promotion than Cody winning, in my opinion. MJF is already a top 3 talker in the business (at 24!) It’s also tempting to go with Darby. Now is their time to seize the moment and avoid being yet another AEW talent that always falls short when it matters most. They did a great job keeping you on your toes with Shida putting Rose through a table after the match. Winner: Hikaru Shida. Just the result isn’t in doubt, and that’s somewhat disappointing. Over the course of the next two years she, along with talents like MJF, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and her opponent Britt Baker can lead the promotion for years to come. After a free streaming pre-show which starts a half-hour earlier, the event starts at 8PM Eastern, and can be purchased on B/R Live (and traditional PPV) here in the U.S. & Canada, and on everywhere else. We’re assembling our motley crew to give thoughts & predictions on each bout on the card. They did something similar to the build to Riho/Emi Sakura where the champion and the challenger have direct falls over each other in the go home for the PPV, which is pretty frustrating and shows you how much care (or lack thereof) they’ve put into some of the programs leading into this pay per view. Winner: Nyla Rose, Griffin: Nyla Rose is fantastic and is one of the best long-term pickups AEW grabbed when they launched. and Jungle Boy is a lovable babyface who, while still green, shows some real potential. A woman of her size that can move like she does is something that is not very common in this business and it is something that should be taken advantage of with a gimmick that fits the persona. Roberts putting his snake on Cody’s wife Brandi made this extremely personal and this will be a war.

And who isn’t interested to hear how Moxley trash-talks a dinosaur? He’s great, and absolutely worthy of a world title, even if he’s maybe not perennial main event material. Pick: Cody, Sean Rueter: This should be a banger, but this is one time Mr. Brodie doesn’t eat first. Cageside Seats, for Pro Wrestling and MMA fans.

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