top 10 gold diggers

Shows, Serials They look great together and are are one of the most charming couples of the Bollywood.

Karan is neither from the Bollywood background nor an actor,and still chose to marry the business man.

and Peter Haaq –. Education. When a lot of people think about becoming rich, they think of working hard, or starting their own business, or becoming a famous musician or athlete.

Movie Trailers, Movie Review CSKவின் தோல்வி முடியுமா ? Well but then apparently TV personality Evelyn found out that  NFL star Chad didn't have nearly as much money as she thought he did, mostly because the guy was spending money like crazy, so she left him after just a few weeks.

Back in the day Britney Spears was possibly the biggest star in the world.

She was seen in the company of other men, notably Steve Wyatt. Home. Some may think the wealthy person is taking advantage too, after all most of the gold diggers on this list are totally hot, but even if this is so, you know it still has to hurt when you find out that all she, or sometimes he, really wanted was your money.

These were the Most Infamous Gold Diggers!

Dimpy is normal middle class family girl who married to Bollywood star Rahul. The people on this list are the reason the rich and powerful go for a prenup nowadays.

சாவா? Shilpa Shetty Through all of her hard work, her gold digging is estimated to be worth around $30 million. Yes, this is true love.

Here is TheRichest's list of the Top 15 Celebrity Gold Diggers. In 2010, Sarah was filmed by Mahzer Mahmoon, a reporter for ‘News of the World’, offering access to Prince Andrew for $845.000. … 15 Things You Should Know About Yourself (if You Want to Win at Life) Education.

Alexandra Decuseara. They had a kid … He continues to get around $250,000 a year from Britney which is certainly enough to live a grandiose lifestyle.

Oksana is from Russia and is a singer and actress of sorts. –. 2.

Advani, Parineeti

Usually the gold digger is good looking, charming and often is quite younger than their wealthy and famous partner. Kapoor, Top 10 Bollywood Stepbrothers And Sisters, The Shocking Age Gap Between Stepmothers And Their Kids In Bollywood, 10 Real Life Beautiful Wives Of Bollywood Heroes, Top 10 Bollywood Actors Famous For Comedy Roles, Top 10 Bollywood Movies Based On Ancient Times, Top 10 Bollywood Movies Based On Women’s Rights, Actress Amrin Chakkiwala Good Looking Images, Actress Komal Pawaskar Magnificent Stills, Deepika A model turned actress, producer, entrepreneur and >> Read More... Education.

She used this to purchase a $12 million mansion in Florida, which she had demolished before building a new home on the property.

Federline was one of her backup dancers on tour; he was also working as a pizza delivery guy. They married a few years ago, and now they have children too. 9. and Juhi Chawla is a renowned Indian actress and produ >> Read More...

When you give them something sentimental reminding both of you as having spent a special time together, they might usually throw it in a dustbin.

3. It is always possible. Bhatt, Anushka and –. Do you know who are the most infamous gold diggers? Shilpa Shetty married to the super rich business man Karan Kundra. Karan Kundra Advani, Parineeti

Kevin Federline, known as K-Fed, is a world class gold digger indeed. With his money. Though the age difference between them is quite large, they got married. 5. –. I mean maybe Vanessa really loves Kobe. Kevin Federline - Britney SpearsKevin Federline, known as K-Fed, is a world class gold digger indeed. Way back in the day Rod Stewart was one of the most famous rock stars in the world, and Rachel Hunter was one of the most famous models. The problem was Sterling was married the whole time the two were openly hanging out, and that just simply is not being a smart gold digger.

It seems that her family is in the gold digger game as well, as they signed off on the marriage.

Stiviano is 33, totally gorgeous and a model. Watch the entire content of this article on our YouTube channel – The Ardent Blogger.

They did the marriage few years ago. Rachel Hunter NEXT: #4 Gabriel Aubry.

and He had a child on the way with another woman, but swooped in and mesmerized poor Britney.

She even has her own place worth around $1.8 million, 2 Bentleys and a Ferrari. MOVIE

Some people are the best at being gold diggers in the whole world. 10 Most Important CORE VALUES for SUCCESS.

15 Rules of Success. Most Infamous Gold Diggers | Top 10 . A prenup involves also the dividing up of the assets, and these gold diggers received a lot.

Kim Sharma is a Bollywood actress who earlier appeared in the movies, but now not seen as much anymore.

Identity theft has been on the rise with 1 in 8 searches coming up with a criminal past, and with that comes a rise in ‘gold … Bio coming soon...

They both are an inspiration to the lovers who are from different religions and look absolutely dashing together. Articles. They had an arranged marriage. Men's Lifestyle, People, Women's Lifestyle Alexandra Decuseara Wednesday, 6 August 2014, 06:46. And that’s not all! Top 10 Infamous Celebrity Kisses. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

We hope you enjoyed our article and we will like to know your opinion about this top list, so make sure you leave it in the comment section below! Siddharth Roy Kapur is an Indian businessman, film >> Read More...

Anne got engaged to Follieri, who she thought was a handsome charmer with a career in real estate. They performed the Hindu ceremonies as well as the nikah.

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