sublimation meaning psychology

In psychology, sublimation is a positive, mature type of defense mechanism that allows you to convert negative, socially unacceptable impulses, thoughts, or behaviors into something else that is positive and socially acceptable.

Anger is a very negative emotion and leads to verbal or physical aggression.

Real-life examples of sublimation (according to the cultural psychological approach) occur when people make conscious or unconscious decisions to replace unacceptable behaviors with more socially acceptable behaviors.

Second, defense mechanisms falsify reality, either by distorting or transforming your view of what's real. Sublimation can be a powerful influence on behavior, although one of which we are largely unaware. In Clinical Neuropsychology from Bangor University. During this time when he was, at least largely, incapable of acting on these impulses, he prodigiously wrote disturbing poems and novels detailing his sexual fantasies. Here are some ways people might sublimate these urges.
Sublimation can also help to transform other negative feelings into positive paths. In psychology, sublimation is a coping mechanism. Sublimation transforms the negative urges into positive ones.

This page contains affiliate links. What matters is that you put those energies to work to do something productive rather than destructive. The ego is the realistic part of the psyche. Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Freud believed that the same energy that once drove the child's sadism was eventually sublimated into positive and socially acceptable actions that benefited others. Communication is facilitated by secure video and voice calls as well as private messenger rooms. Rather than act out in ways that may cause us or others harm, sublimation allows us to channel that energy into things that are beneficial. You sublimate this energy into becoming a successful business owner and leader. Rather than simply acting out on urges, the ego forces us to deal with these desires in ways that are more realistic. 2013;105(4):639-66. doi:10.1037/a0033487. 2013;105(4):639-666. We can see how their work displays their strong emotions, thus making their pieces into masterpieces. You don't have to deny that you have those feelings, but sublimation can help you stay within the bounds of what is socially acceptable and acceptable to you. The id is the first to form and serves as the source of the libido or the energy that drives behavior.

There are people who excel in sports and their respective vocations, because they use sublimation successfully.
For that, she will probably need to seek additional professional help to overcome. For instance, you may have a strong desire to paint every waking moment. Here’s another: an adult child may drink alcohol to cope with dealing with her difficult parents. He gravitates toward an ordered life that follows strong patterns and tends to be more of a logical, black and white thinker. Reaching Out with BetterHelp You can go to a mental health center in your local area to help with managing your urges. Psychology Definition of SUBLIMATION: In the psychoanalytic theory, it is a defence method which result from the unacceptable aggressive and sexual drivers but … The person is adapting their behavior to curtail their discomfort and avoid anxiety attacks.

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