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Kids will love learning about six simple machines and how they make our life easier. Books that are by familiar authors or illustrators may also be of interest to your students. STEM activity idea: Give students a piece of paper and ask what they can make with it. This suspenseful and awe-inspiring book revolves around the Apollo 8 mission to the moon. STEM activity: Provide boxes for your students and let their imaginations run wild! This reference book is filled with interesting facts, maps, and 3-D rendered graphics. You’re going to ADORE this read aloud from Nicholas Oldland. Our collection of nonfiction books is sorely lacking. While this is another story about a character obsessed with flying, this time the character is a mouse. Filled with clear explanations, facts, and illustrated activities, this book is full of discoveries that will infect kids with the technology bug. Introduce them to these YouTube readers! How do you build community in your classroom? While this read aloud isn’t STEM-centric, it is so important to set the stage in STEM for including ALL your students, regardless of race, gender, or ability. Some of the books are 20 years older than me! by specific theme (science, technology, engineering, or math) and recommended grade level—a great resource for building your classroom or school library! STEM Connection: Follow a recipe to make an apple pie or learn more about how bees pollinate flowers. This book follows two sisters that have a special tree in their yard.

This clever book makes math a hands-on learning experience. Beginning as an acorn and growing into a forest prompts students to think about their environment and how things work together.

STEM activity ideas: Try Makey Makey (below) or use these Bookshelf STEM activities: Meredith Anderson is a homeschooling parent in Massachusetts. They can also learn to make the ever-popular sticky slime. Students will learn about shapes, time, measurement, and much more. Using logic and reason, Benjamin Franklin tries to disprove the “miracle cure” powers of a French doctor. For more apple inspired STEM activities check out this blog post. Plus get a printable STEM book list that organizes many of these titles (plus more!) Most kids don’t realize that they use math all the time.

An amazing book series from Sally Ride Science at the University of California, San Diego. Or find these Bookshelf STEM ideas: This one is particularly suited to upper elementary students and tells the historical story of Benjamin Banneker’s drive to create a strike clock based on a pocket watch. Is the number of seeds odd or even? BONUS: Get a printable STEM book list that organizes STEM titles by specific theme (science, technology, engineering, or math) and recommended grade level. Mathematics. There are also other series, including Our Changing Climate, Key Concepts in Science, and Inside Story of Our Solar System. With so many options, I know one of these will be just right for your students! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Talk about a YA novel you won’t be able to put down! This is another lovely rhyming story about not giving up. You can read more on her blog, Creativity in the Making, at It’s also a great “undercover” STEM read, chock-full of anagrams and theorems. In this memoir, William Kamkwamba reflects on how he saved his Malawian village as a boy by building a windmill and bringing electricity to the community. STEM Read Aloud Books for the First Day of School, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). STEM books are finally getting a chance to shine in schools as educators increasingly shift their focus towards incorporating more science, technology, engineering, and math into their classrooms. When students are exposed to engaging literature, it fosters a life-long love of reading. All rights reserved. It’ll be one nonfiction book your class won’t be able to get enough of! This “fact-filled, knock-your-socks-off” book takes huge numbers and ideas and turns them into things that can be grouped and counted. Visual learners, especially, will enjoy this title. When they have finished, give them a second one and ask if they can improve upon their initial idea. STEM activity idea: Have students design and create a prototype of their dream school, or find this Storybook STEM resource from Teach Outside the Box: Steve Breen’s illustrations in this book will appeal to your younger and older kids! Young readers love books about baby animals. Weighing and measuring pumpkins or any kind of cooking or baking would be a great way to extend the learning in this book. It also features flaps, windows, and pop-ups that explain basic math concepts. The story goes in depth showing how sometimes you need to take a lot of time and patience in order to accomplish a bit task. STEM Connection: This book provides an opportunity for students to observe the world around them and consider how each part of an ecosystem is connected. Another book with fabulous rhyme and rhythm, this book will inspire imaginations. This story shows how accomplished scientist Carl Sagan went from a curious boy to a famous astronomer and author.

There are so many fantastic STEM read alouds! […] The girl needs to keep improving upon her ideas to get her magnificent thing. Are there any STEM-related books that our library must have? Creating images and writing keywords from the story like grain, fire, autumn, field, and sprout not only helps students to investigate another culture but also promotes art and fine motor skills in the creation of the Chinese writing. The thin cardboard is very easy to work with, especially for little hands. It’s a story about wonder, bravery, and how good things can come from taking chances. Rosie dreams of becoming a famous engineer, a “brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets.” She sets out to create a flying machine for her aunt but encounters stumbling blocks along the way. This book offers an exploration into several different topics including the four seasons, watching seeds grow, and weather. Get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and math! Check out our Fall Read Aloud STEM Bundle! I teach at a low-income school district.

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