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Hello. I’m using a Mac so it’s a different path but yea all the rest are working. But in the FM20 I just can’t get it to work no matter what I do.

The TCM Logos are not “linked” with other packs except via the “config.xml” files which are necessary to make the logos appear in the game. How do I update my logos? just wondering whether its down for anyone else?

Stamford Bridge Just wanted to share my experience in case it helps others. Okay, for anyone with a similar problem, I deleted everything and then imported the TCM20 Logopack *first*, then put the DF11 and Trophy Megapacks in the graphics folder which already comes with this TCM20 Logopack, and everything worked perfectly. The Flamengo logo has changed, but has not yet been updated in Megapack. I downloaded the pack but all the international comp logos are missing? Hello, I’ve done everything mentioned above.I’ve loaded up the game it worked(all the logos were there), but after I exited the game without saving, everything dissaperead even the teams with existing logos now have fake ones. The download works whether you are on Mac or PC. Premier League map and team logos. Whether the names of the folders are in French or in any language, that does not change anything. I’ve copied and pasted the logo, renaming them as each of the ID’s and still no good. It was chosen from the beginning to prefer the flags rather than the logos of the federations for the nationality of the players for example.,, Check that you have installed the pack in the right place and follow the installation instructions. jolly fine! I don’t have a solution for you …, When you will update Red Star Belgrade(Crvena Zvezda) logo?it has 3 stars now. Hello.

Is the “config” file present? This is something weird and I don’t have the answer to the problem …. The Premier League works closely with a select group of Partners and Licensees to deliver the world's most watched football league competition. The megapack includes all of these logos.

TCM20 English Page. Enhance your gameplay experience in Football Manager 2020 by adding a custom logopack. Thank you. Selhurst Park when i go to download the pack via mega it sends me to the webpage with a big M in the middle.

Posted the 07/03/2020 in FM20, News, TCM20 by Kinmar. Very strange indeed. Therefore, thanks for respecting these few rules. Apparently it’s a known issue and is being looked at. And after getting the man united club logo, how do i put the logo onto the folder? So I’m wondering do I need to put them in a subfolder from data. I can see a logo for Ilkeston Town in your pack, labelled as 90023012.png but when I check in the editor there is 3 entries for Ilkeston, with ID’s of 90023012, 90075613 and 117669. Hi, it looks like the logo for DL Pro (ID 34053971) isn’t loading. Molineux Stadium anyone else experiencing problems with Indeed, it’s strange but at the same time, the fact that it is on MAC does not surprise me, there are often worries with but never the same ^^ I do not know how to help you anymore, not knowing MAC and having no feedback on this specific problem … Sorry.

Will this work on Android (fm 20 touch)? Modified the 20/09/2020. Club logos are registered trademarks and/or copyright material owned by the respective football clubs. hi there it has only given me africa and north america logos when i open the folder. Hello, just wanted to ask is this gonna work if i put it in FM 19? To insert it into the game, you first need the logo (with the name of the club ID you gave me), as well as modify the config.xml file. There is no reason it shouldn’t work. Old TCM : Alfredo, AndreaLAZIOultras, ArturM, BaCplayer, Basa, bdavies26, Borell, Brendan, Broeren, cdmafra, Chavez, claytonpadula, Cleuber, Diogo Paiva, Domi, Einherjer83, Eray1914, Frimimout, Gamma022, Heval, Hrvoje, JesperBN, Julian, Kamil, Kostas_Panachaiki, Loic, Lucas, Mahdi (Mój Football Manager), Marcos, MatheusMux, Mátyás, MZ17, Necjeff (DF11 Faces), nxtfuture, Pappeldrache, Patres10 (FMSlovakia – FC12 Kits), Patrick, Paul_13, Pedro, Pierre-Jean, Ramoscu (FMSZN), RBRND, Rein, Renato, Rmorgan93, Segmann, Sh@rk, Spartacus23, Stathis, Steinbolt, STeRODeF, Tapioca, Theodor (@e_spurs_norway), Torbin, Walleski, Wutzwz. ive followed them best i can, and ive copied over the files to the relevant place, gone into the preferences but nothing changes…. You can use the request page, but this logo will be update for the next Christmas Update. Yes, I can find them all in the downloaded file. Is there a way to remove this? As stated on the download page, this club logo is not included in the pack. Bramall Lane Download the all new 2019-2020 season faces, logos and kits for FM20. Hi. Please update WinRAR to a newer version. In order not to have the federations on the player profile, you must delete the “Federations” folder altogether. Hexapack for FM20. It would be helpful to inform about this.

in Peru, Real Garcilaza has a new name, Cuzco FC and has a different logo, Hi. Further details on each of them can be found by clicking the logos … Hello.

This graphic pack is only intended for personal use within the game. Minnesota United FC Reserves. 3529 stadium images covering every playable league in Football Manager 2020! whatever I did, I couldn’t upload the logos.

Look on folder : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\Logos\Europe\Angleterre But you can find the links of these Kits on the site too (via the menus or shortcuts above, the FC12). South America : 3406 Clubs – 245 Competitions And i’m on PC, not Mac, so i don’t know… This nations are on the logopack on your Mac ? So try to clear the cache, disable the ad blocker. London Stadium

This pack contains high quality logo's from clubs from all over the world and will add a new level of realism to FM20. Hey guys, thanks for all the work :) I’ve used logo packs in the past with no issues but for some reason they’re not loading on my Windows when I follow the instructions. Shop Manchester City, Manchester For the USSR and Yugoslavia files, these are new files indeed on old clubs of these two old nations.

I have no explanation for possible removal of logos unfortunately. Shop Aston Villa, Brighton If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. TCM20 : Alon, Armamaddon, Chavez, Ekrem, ElCatracho, Franzvinci01, Fronti, Jayden, Kartvel, Kristo, Loukas, Maestro, Makiawelli_leg, Marcos, MrBankzy, Nuno Santos, Oriole01, Pazzoman, Rafael, Rivanov, Rob, Spix22, Thewes, Tuckius, Unknown47, V-Toll, Vince-Taiwan, Weiry. and the file is exactly as it arrived in the hierarchical origin from download so it ‘should’ be fine. Any ideas? able to advise? Any problem? Hi again, it seems it’s just my version of the game that isn’t reading files(Xbox game pass). After more than 200,000 downloads, if there was a virus it would be known! Look folder Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\Logos\Europe\Angleterre, How can i download the megapack from mediafire the other options arent working. Shop Leicester City, Manchester Hey Y’all so I downloaded the pack and I copied the three files and put them in the FM20 folder and after reloading it wouldn’t bring out the logos. Holloway, London Emirates Stadium Shop Arsenal. Ten thousands logos for clubs, nations and competitions. Shop Brighton Hove Albion, Fulham, London The logo of my current team does not show in some sections. Sorry I can’t help you anymore. Any ideas as to what might be the issue? Can’t seem to download the FM 19 pack for free, Hi , I have some update. I used 7zip and followed all the instructions.

If there is still a problem, do not hesitate to offer a screen of installation files to see where the problem can come from. I have no other explanation. Open Premier League Map in Google Maps (If prompted to “Open in Google Maps”, click Cancel to open in browser), Holloway, London Shop Wolverhampton Wanderers, © 2020 Sport League Maps - Theme: Patus by.

I’ve check in the Angeleterre folder, West Ham is in, but doesnt work in game (Doesnt pop up during career start selection screen, the logo was the default logo set by the game. Shop Chelsea, Selhurst, London

Various styles of FM20 logos to choose from. Lastly, yeah, i would want the Manchester United Logo please. Shop Sheffield United, Southampton Hi. But I can’t reproduce that at home. For Man Utd logo, you can read here the reason : Can anyone help? Have tried three times to download the logopack, nd have gotten an error messeage each time. I’ve got a issue after the latest game update and there are multiple leagues that were reset to the Fm-logos. Only thing I can think to do would be to redownload the file. Follow one of the three download links and there will be no worries.

Aston Villa. What if the logos didnt pop up when installed?

Please help, C:\Users\User\Downloads\megapack-tcm20.rar: Unsupported archive format.

Hi, can anyone with a MAC help me… I’ve had to go through steam to get to the local files, and its slightly different to the instructions to update graphics on ANY site. The latest awesome database for Football Manager, created by the famous Mad Scientist! Hi, my issue finally fixed after the latest update ! I dowloaded the pack and followed the instructions for mac but the logos do not appear.

Logo of UEFA Conference League does not yet officially exist, so no.

The logo for Wellington Phoenix does transfer to the reserve team until you play them. In this database he will take us back to the 2006/2007 season. (Website email) Hello. All PL clubs (except Man Utd) are present in the pack and there is no reason why this should not be displayed. I downloaded from Epic Games. Hey, I downloaded update 2 and am having to manually move the contents from the update to my graphics folder. When trying to extract or even open the files with WinRAR, it gives me two messages: No Archives Found.

It’s just useful for classifying logos and as I’m French ^^ Oceania : 396 Clubs – 79 Competitions This pack contains high quality logo's from clubs from all over the world and will add a new level of realism to FM20.

Thanks in advance. Have you installed other graphics packs that work? I’m using the English Lvl 10 database that @TheFMEditor85 makes. i checked the folders and cant see them. Just curious if there is a Logo for the new UEFA Conference League? This is the 7th edition of the TCM Logos Megapack for Football Manager. Arsenal. I will add it for the next March update. Indeed, this is not normal. Premier League Mega facepack for Football Manager 2020. Copyright © 2013-2019 - Design by, Warning: Any dissemination of one of the download links or the “Download” page is prohibited.

I really don’t understand why is there no Manchester United logo present within the mod pack…. Shop Arsenal, Aston, Birmingham Does this include the kits too as seen in some of your screenshots? Cześć! I have not installed other graphics packs, just TCM20. With config.xml file ? All other teams below and other leagues outside of England have their logos. Reinstall the game -> Does not fix :-(

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