most babies in one pregnancy

The sextuplets started as septuplets, but she lost one. And nobody can tell them otherwise. Don’t try to tell them what’s best for them. That’s how loved and worthy you are to Him. THATS JUST TO MANY BABIES. Read LaterAdd to FavouritesAdd to CollectionReport. Weight at birth This is it: Jesus loves you and no matter what you are facing, He can help you overcome it. I’d also like to point out that it was in 1971, when the Italian woman (on fertility treatment!) I mean we see all other animals do it, some even eat their babies! 164 Views None of the 10 girls or 5 boys survived to birth. That is really sad that you have 15 kids just so they would die.

But British fertility experts said that although it was possible to conceive 12 babies, such a pregnancy was fraught with risk.

The news broke in last weekend and reports say that Catherine gave birth to 17 babies in the course of 29 hours at the Memorial Hospital in Indianapolis. Witty Feeds i have one last thing to say abortion is for wusses like barney:], i think this is sick and twisted that women are purposly killing babies just so they can have 15 min of fame why would you want to attempt hving ten to fifteen kids at once knowing it will either kill the babies or make them live a complicated life i think these women doing these things are murderers cause you alreay know you cant carry all these babies this is sick and twisted that women do this and kill babies just to have thier name posted some where if you are that bored take up a hobby and quit killing babies, a gift from god is a natural child not being injected with drugs mAYBE THERE A REASON GOD BLESSED YOU NOT TO HAVE KIDS HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT MEDICINE ISNT A BLESSING ITS DEFYING GOD MAYBE YOU WERENT SUPOSSED TO HAVE KIDS DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT TO ALL THE PEOPLE HAVING TONS OF BABIES AT ONCE IF YOU COULD AFFORD THEN WHY IS THE PUBLIC SUPPORTING YOU. That is the problem with society these days, everyone is so worried about their neighbors yard when their own needs cut. Especially if your young or iftheir is a suspected multiple pregnancy. According to one source he had 52 sons and about 54 daughters from 'a wider range of women' than his father (who had 22 wives); however, another source credited him with 115. Go to the hospital and get ridd of 8, that will leave you with 3, don’t be greedy and give your babies the best chance at this life cos they only get one! Yes you are right, They all might survive, But with Downsyndrome, Autisim, Spinabifita, Just to name a few ‘COMMON’ complications while there is only one baby.

wow that is amazing. He has already proved His love in my life, and I know that if YOU who are reading this seek Him, you will find Him. it sounds like it hurt…….i would have died when they told me i was pregant with 15!!! i give it 5 stars. Six babies died shortly after birth. Most people dont even find out that they are pregnant until they are around 6-7 weeks due to the missing period that would not occur until a month later. So it is likely for a woman who is considered one month pregnant to get an ultrasound. . If you have a great support network, that’s fine but you cannot get a pushchair for more than 4 babies at a time. I just wanted to say something. School Stress Symptoms Parents Can Watch For, Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids This Summer, FIX YOUR VEHICLE’S DAMAGE OR RUST SPOTS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, Increase Your Car’s Value with a Top Quality Paint Job. God is always Great.

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