how to use loom for teachers

My partner teacher & I teach first grade and have just started trying to use Loom. Please note that I am not affiliated with Loom, I just think they provide an excellent service worth sharing.

Steve Dotto here, how the heck you doin this fine day? Are they supposed to leave? If you want to use the pro features, which include advanced recording and editing tools such as the drawing tool and a call-to-action, you will have to verify that you are a teacher via school email. I'm gonna show you how to create a style of video that's called screen casting. 2. Now before we wrap things up, I've got a few favors to ask. Loom is a great e-learning tool that can be availed of in your classroom, completely for free. . Definitely give this one a read! Loom can be used in many different ways. Swipe my toolkit and start building your own. You can even take this a step further and ask the students to record a lesson for you, recalling what they’ve learned in class. Is there something you can click on to change that? She walks through what screencasting is, and how and why to do it with Loom — then she lists several relevant use cases for using Loom in the classroom. Is this possible? Send the recording to your students via a shared link or download it. What happens on our screen, that's one asset.

How can teachers and students make the most of what Loom has to offer? There are so many ways you can use this platform. From the many glowing reviews, the following advantages were noted: As a teacher, there aren’t really any disadvantages. For example, if you have multiple cameras installed in your computer, I've got a webcam as well as a built-in camera. I read each and every one, even if I don't have time to reply to all of them. Make sure your text displays the right way around in your webcam recordings. Loom can be used to recap the main points or lessons learned from a particular class. When you record the video you can send it to anyone; simply copy the link and share it with your students. I wonder if that will work over it just recording your face. And, as a momma at home trying to teach my kids, they will likely take to heart what YOU are teaching them better than what their parents are teaching them. I like this. Connecting with students during these times is super important. Thanks for the videos! Next, you will be ready to start recording your video! JOIN OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER TO DOWNLOAD YOUR,, 4 Practical Steps to Teaching Guided Reading Remotely, 9 Tips for Making Literacy Stations Safer, How to Get Organized for Guided Reading {with a FREEBIE}, record your screen with your face in the corner and voiceover, record just your face talking to the camera. Compared to written messages, video messages are a much more powerful way to grab your students’ attention and spark that interest to listen and learn. Create a simple PowerPoint about your phonics skill of focus. If your answer is YES, then you should sign up to our free weekly Webinar Wednesdays to go behind the scenes and get tips and tricks on how you can 10X your productivity and become a better content creator. As I said, this is a simple simple tool. 7. Loom will take your visual content to the next level, and the best part is that it is free! ‍ For the Chrome Extension: Open the recording menu, click on Show Advanced Options, check or uncheck the Flip Camera option …

I think that all of your eyes should be open now to some new opportunities and new ways of doing things with a tool that is as simple as Loom. You will do one of the two options below. Thank you! I FINALLY got it done today! Now Loom, if you visit their website, there will be links below, it's at Enter your information and click “continue”. And as I can be talking my way through everything that's happening on this website, I can be pointing to things, I can be pulling up dropdown menus, allowing people to look at different menus, I've got control over the entire screen and I can record exactly what it is that I want to share. When children view my videos through the link I post it takes them to my loom home screen. So if you are, you're gonna count down so you feel like you're a big time TV star, three, two, one, and now we are talking away. Similarly, if you have multiple microphones installed or multiple audio sources, you can select those from the pop-up list here to make sure that you're gonna be recording the correct source for whatever it is you're going to be recording. And I'm gonna show you that, how I'm gonna show you that is some of the additional features that are in it because it does more than just the simple, than the simple screen recording that happens in the browser window as the browser plugin.

WE'D LOVE FOR YOU TO BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY! So you can sign up for free. Thanks for all your hard work! Yeah, you can actually move your video around the screen if you need to as you're recording, but right now, it's busy recording away.

You can also select to record your full screen, a window or custom size. Now, Loom, as well as recording our videos is also a hosting service; it's gonna take our video, it's gonna host it online for us, much like YouTube or another video hosting service, and as you see here, it will allow us to take the video that we've created and share a link with others through the hosted service. I can pause the recording, or look at this, I've got a little pen tool here. It's screencasting using a tool called Loom today on DottoTech. I’m happy to help the best that I can! Click HERE and be taken to the site. I’m excited to try using Loom, thank you for the tutorial! The video will be stored in the Loom library and the students can view it with the shared link. Being able to give them something that they are used to helps provide a sense of security during these uncertain times. Hi Christina! Can you give me step by step directions on how to do a read aloud using loom? It doesn’t require any scheduling like a phone call. Here we've pulled together some best practices to help you teach lessons, record presentations, and give feedback to your students. Let's say that I wanna share this slideshow with my students. I am working on a step-by-step tutorial for using Loom with read alouds. As it includes a visual component, the student is more likely to remember what they see and hear, as opposed to just reading text. Hi there, I am not seeing the tutorial for how to fix the backwards words when doing a read aloud on Loom…can you help me find that? They could then click through all recordings and edit/delete the video etc. But you can't do real video editing.

But YOU’VE GOT THIS! Once we're done with the process, we click on the stop button and everything else is the same at this point here. Here is a short list of ideas to help you get started!

How to create your own videos. Custom size means you can choose just exactly what area of your screen you are going to record. That’s how I would do it with powerpoints so that I could flip through them as I talked. Home » Dotto's Demos » How to Use Loom for Teachers: Screencasting Tutorial. This is how we start and stop the video. You can't go in and you can't edit the timeline, you can't trim out content, you can't add more graphics. Now, screencasting tools can be very simple and very inexpensive, even free all the way through to some more elaborate ones that give you all sorts of bells and whistles, the tool that, for example, we're using to record this video right now.

However, I think the basic plan has all the features you need! The other option is to pay $10 per month for additional pro features.

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