how to start a blog and make money

Picography 12. And if you narrow down your niche and become a travel expert on a specific subject, you’ll get solid traffic from Google too. What is a blog and how do you select a profitable niche?

Basically it’s quite easy to customize your blog with a premium theme. I added it to the resources. For example, on Gathering Dreams I have 3 main categories: To keep your blog layout and navigation simple, you shouldn’t have more than 3-4 main categories. Was it the color of the font?

I found this website super useful to get familiar with WordPress: They have some great tutorials! Thank you so much for the time and work that went into it! and should l only later start focusing on affiliate marketing, or already now? What a cool name . And Yoast is by far the best SEO plugin around. Your pins are likely to be discovered by people typing a keyword on Pinterest. The biggest challenge I faced as a new blogger was that there was so much to learn, I felt some days my head was about to explode. Google needs to trust your website and it’s a process that takes time and patience (it could take anywhere from 6 months to a year for you to see a significant increase in organic traffic). But it’s always a good idea to have these pages ready before the launch. The free version is good enough forever. Once you know the main topic/s of your blog, it’s much easier to narrow down the type of content you can write. And within the first year, I made over $35,000! This plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics stats in your WordPress install. In our example, you could write about two different types of recipes: you could create a list of gluten-free pasta recipes, or you could actually write a recipe to make gluten-free pasta. Before WP Rocket, my number 1 choice for caching plugin was W3 Total Cache that I used for years on all my blogs.

I’m going to share a few profitable blog niche ideas that you can build your blog on. You’ll need to bring your unique perspective to highlight your favorite products, merchandise, and brands to make money with affiliate sales and partnerships with brands. Have your website logo on all your pins. There are a gazillion traffic tactics out there. Or something else? You can either just tell them who your blog is for: “I started Gathering Dreams as a resource to help people reach financial freedom”. Because it definetly looks like your blog post are only getting better and better!

You need to make sure you tell your readers how you are going to help them. But you get a commission when a sale is generated from your blog. Start with a number (10, 32, 55 or 101) to capture a reader’s attention.

And this post just scratches the surface of Pinterest. As without sufficient content and pageviews on your blog, your earnings won’t be anything to be proud of. I hope this helps . Genesis is like the basic design of your blog. This is where you’ll find your themes, widgets, menus, customization options, and more. Backing up your blog simply means that you are saving a copy of your blog at a designated date and time. Pixabay 2.

To be more specific, a blog about your favorite team would be a great choice. And I will explain a bit more about it in Chapter 5. Never worry about making things perfect from day one! How much money you can make is directly proportionate to how much time and effort you put into it.

By Tamal Kr. Use email marketing – build an email list with your blog and promote products.

There have been instances where a photographer’s image was shared illegally. Blogging Babe is actually the result of a rebranding of my previous blog that was 6 months old. The best predictor of the revenue for a blog is the size of their email list. Oh please! The simplest way to obtain that evidence: By seeing what your audience buys from other people, you can get a much better sense of what they might want to buy from you.

And before you ask, no you don’t need the premium version. Menus Your menu options will vary based on the theme you choose, but here you’ll be able to adjust which menu structure(s) will be assigned to your website. But I didn’t start in 2015 and I still get tons of traffic. If you decide to buy them, you won’t be disappointed! When I was starting I read somewhere that you need to spend 20% of your time writing and 80% of your time promoting your posts. After reading this blog post all my doubts have been cleared.thanksfor this amazing post. Blogs like The Penny Hoarder, Moz, and Lifehacker power businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When you are ready to publish the page, just hit the Publish button at the top right corner of the screen. Let’s answer these questions at first. I think comments are really important as they are a connection between your readers and yourself. You can then select one of the topics, and Pinterest will suggest some other popular keywords on the top bar: Up until a few months ago, you used to be able to check how many times each pin was shared. So basically there are all kinds of different widgets.

Mike’s Stupid Simple SEO: I can’t recommend Mike’s course enough. We’ll talk about this tab a bit more in-depth in a second. As you can see below, I could add words like: for kids, for work, easy, etc. I’d like to think Smart Blogger is the best (and most comprehensive) site on the topic, but it’s by no means the only one. A pin is an image that looks a bit like a poster, or a flyer, that captures people’s attention on Pinterest and makes them want to click to read your post. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for a blog, a website or a webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Full Disclosure: Please note that if you decide to buy hosting using any link on this page, I get compensated, by the hosting company. How do I know? Hi, really awesome post. I hope you are very successful, because your articles are very good. The best experience you can get only when you are in the business, not when you are outside the business, that you want to learn. All you really need to get started is a contact form for clients to reach out to you. After a few weeks using the tips above, this is how my pin design changed: 1. Good luck , Fantastic article Sara and just what I was looking for. You can be the world’s foremost expert on square-shaped tomatoes, wake up every morning with a burning passion to educate the public on their vast superiority to normal-shaped tomatoes, and work until your fingers bleed and your eyes fall out of your head, following all the right tactics for turning your new blog into a popular one, and…. In the year 2014, one of my successful blogs was hacked and I lost all of my contents. And, I am walking you through it, holding your hand, showing you how to do it in the simplest and also the most helpful way. Solve someone’s problem. Hi, Sara!

I know it looks very complicated. 3-6 years to be able to work from anywhere in the world, take a vacation whenever you want, and probably have passive income until the day you die? Namecheap BasicDNS will be selected by default. What would set one blog aside from the next would be the inclusion of some pictures with the texts. And that’s what you are going to learn, step by step.

But I’m not the only one.

And patience. You can also share information about how you monetize your blog and disclosures about your affiliates. The free version is perfect to start with, but once you start to make some money you might want to move to the premium one, as you’ll be able to add nutritional values and an easy switch between US and metric units. If you know someone that wants to start a blog or website, and you have enjoyed this post, I would be very grateful if you can share this guide with them! Just sign up for the free bootcamp here. Scrivs’ Blog Simple Framework: With 13 active courses, this is the only investment you’ll need if you want to make money blogging. Because I have a better solution which is Free. Or else you’ll lose them. And it shouldn’t. I’m going to pin it and share it far and wide!!! This meant I had to combine writing about something I was passionate about, with something profitable. It’s about my content. I normally buy laser-focused courses that help me to learn everything about a specific topic. I’m so stuck. Pinterest is a visual search engine. Many blogging experts suggest to narrow down your niche as much as possible, to become the number one resource online for that very specific topic. Never stop applying to group boards and never give up. This means it’s much easier to sell them an affiliate product or get them onto your email list. To access your WordPress dashboard, you will need to log into your admin area. It’s always quality over quantity, AND only quality counts. Grow (previously known as Social Pug) is one of the easiest to use social sharing plugin out there, and it’s what I use on Gathering Dreams. But you must sign up for at least 12 months [$3.95 per month only]. So, for example, if your domain name was, you would log in to your website from As a new blogger, if you want to learn everything about Pinterest and how to create a strategy that works, I cannot recommend Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course enough. After this, you get ample information on the accessories you might like to buy for your newly purchased camera such as lenses, filters, and a tripod. Here are some of my favorite websites with great free stock photos: 1. Go through a series of posts? Email Address: This is the main email address attached to your website as the primary contact address. While this certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, doing a bit of coaching or consulting is an online job that can earn you a surprisingly nice living, even when your audience is small. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best for everyone. 1. You’ll see some of the boxes on the dashboard by default. You are at the beginning of an extraordinary and rewarding journey.

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