how to make vegetable animals

I like to feature a “beauty for your body” and a “beauty for your abode” each week as well as “Party Food, etc.” and this is so fun! After you have seen the list, which one is your favorite? Helga Stentzel is a London-based designer with a passion for fun and useful things. I would not imagine how you make something like this.

This might not be something that your kids could on their own, but you could definitely throw it together in no time.

A decorative cut cucumber makes the tail! The only tools needed are a couple of sharp knives (small & large),  pliers and bamboo skewers along with a variety of fruit and vegetables. I would not imagine how you make something like this. Thank you Royal Caribbean chefs for inspiring me!
I like this dog for the nature of the piece – its simplicity and look.

You can also include plants in your garden that most animals don’t like, such as boxwood, marigolds, or daffodils. I do not know where this picture originated, I found it linked from a number of places without any identifying information.

I absolutely love food shaped as animals and things! Required fields are marked *. (source). Yep, I would not be able to make something this beautiful out of a kiwi!

Thanks for linking up! This beautiful peacock uses a pear, grapes, blueberries and baby carrots, according to Metaspoon.

They make you smile, don’t they? Allowing your kids to make fun, edible art with their fruits and veggies is an exercise in creativity, but it’s also a sneaky way to help them eat healthier. Chocolate chips make for great eyes and add some shredded sweetened coconut for more texture and flavour! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! No fruits and veggies here, but maybe you can find a creative way to add some. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure if I can ever eat fruits in their normal form again. Poodle made of broccoli Eggplant Penguins

You’ll need bread, peanut butter, a banana, an apple, raisins for the eyes, some kind of nut for the irises and grapes and either pomegranate seeds or nuts for the paws. If you want to make your doggy last though, avoid grapes and soft berries as they rot quickly.
The nice thing is after using your creation for a centerpiece, the fruit and vegetables are still usable the next day! (carvingnations) Birds of Fruit: I found quite a few birds made out of various fruit, they seem to be a very popular subject. Your email address will not be published.

Share it with your friends! You can use thin slices of carrots for the ears, and strips of green onions for the whiskers.

Another variation of a fruit and vegetable animal.

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