how to do the cotton ball diet

For years it has been used by models for dealing with hunger pains. The cotton is basically used as an element to make the person’s stomach feel full without weight gain. Fad diets can be silly, stylish, or downright stupid, but the cotton ball diet may actually be deadly. But this diet is no doubt regarded as dangerous. Cotton balls aren’t pure cotton, picked off an organically grown plant.

The stomach will then feel full, quelling bothersome hunger pains. The cotton ball diet is a fad diet that involves consuming cotton balls dipped in liquids such as juices or smoothies. One method involved dipping the cotton balls in liquid gelatin before swallowing. The cotton is intended to make a person's stomach feel full without them gaining weight. Girls Eat Cotton Balls Dipped In Orange Juice To Stay Thin It is difficult to think that any dieter is willing to turn to eating only cotton balls. However, surprisingly, this is just what the followers of this harmful dietary fad did to be able to slim down. As per Wikipedia, cotton ball diet is a fad diet which involves consuming cotton balls which are dipped in liquids basically juices or smoothies. The modernized Cotton Ball Diet consists of swallowing up to five fluffy balls of cotton that have been dipped in orange juice, lemonade, a smoothie - or another palatable liquid before … The fibers are often … The diet has been repeatedly condemned as dangerous. Toxicity. This utterly insane weight-loss strategy involves dipping five cotton balls into liquids like citrus juices or smoothies and eating them prior to a meal. This supposedly helps dieters feel full while only ingesting a miniscule amount of calories.

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