how long does it take to hike mount nittany

Six overlooks dot the Blue Trail—town and campus to the west; south to Boalsburg and Tussey Mountain ski area; southeast to Penns Valley. The Dog Law, 3 P.S. Slow down and be respectful of other vehicles and especially pedestrians on the road. Where do I park to hike Mount Nittany? Review ( Mt. Trailhead Parking: N 40 48.691’ W 77 48.411’ The use of any off-road motorized travel vehicles (examples: ATV, Quad-Bike, Motorcycle, etc.) Those on top are relatively flat. Deer crisscross. Station 7: N 40 48.460’ W 77 47.159’ In August 2013, “rab8823” shared the following time-lapse from Mount Nittany’s Mike Lynch Overlook with a view of Penn State and Downtown State College: In May 2016, “ooklah” shared the following time-lapse footage of Mount Nittany “in what felt like gale force winds”: Tom Shakely shared the following footage from his June 2018 hike on Mount Nittany during a light summer rain: The loose sand and shale soils on the steep slopes are easily damaged and eroded. “Reasonable control” does not necessarily mean “on a leash” but the absence of a leash while walking a dog is a relevant factor to consider in determining the issue. (3) under the reasonable control of some person, or when engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition, performance events or field training. The best practice to follow is to use a leash whenever possible because such a device makes it easier to control the dog. that might take place on the grounds of the Conservancy. [Click here for information about how to use the coordinates in this article to find your destination.]. Drive 7/10ths of a mile up Mt.

If you take the entire circuit, it takes about 3 hours. It was a sunny Spring day and you even get a chance to see Pennsylvania’s State flower, Mountain Laurel, in bloom along the way. Carry a windbreaker. State College, PA 16804, “Yougimpytube” shared footage they stitched together of 3,685 photos from their 2.5 hour hike on the Mountain, shared the following time-lapse from Mount Nittany’s Mike Lynch Overlook, shared the following time-lapse footage of Mount Nittany. Nittany Rd. Nittany Middle School Overlook, 7:20 Station #2 (descend Mountain via White trail), The quieter you are, the better chance you will have of seeing birds, deer, rabbits, and more…. Nittany. Nittany is the first hike many people take in Centre County, PA. Its fame comes from the legend of Princess Nittany, and it is a landmark for the Pennsylvania State University, whose mascot, the Nittany Lion, is named for. Of the seven overlooks, the first one that you come to, known as the Mike Lynch Overlook, is probably the most impressive. Winter hikers should dress in layers that can be removed as they warm up or added as the temperature falls. However, once you get to the top of Mount Nittany, the trails feature gradual rolling hills and don’t present much of a challenge. You will then walk north one block on Pike Street to Mt. Mount Nittany Conservancy Station 9: N 40 49.167’ W 77 47.137’ In June 2010, “Yougimpytube” shared footage they stitched together of 3,685 photos from their 2.5 hour hike on the Mountain, and we’re sharing that video below. that might take place on the grounds of the Conservancy. Station 2: N 40 48.533’ W 77 48.052’ In fact, the mountain is so engrained in the area’s culture that Penn State’s teams are known as the Nittany Lions. You are responsible for informing yourself about these hazards and taking necessary precautions. sec 459-305, requires “dog owners and keepers at all times” to (1) confine their dogs within the owner’s premises, (2) secure firmly by collar and chain or other device to prevent straying and (3) maintain the dog(s) under reasonable control. As you watch, note that they didn’t take the most common route up the Mountain (White trail to the Mike Lynch Overlook). Go on a clear day to see an awesome view of Beaver Stadium. Station 8: N 40 48.603’ W 77 46.819’ Old, discontinued trails that run straight up and down the slopes should not be used. You can also park along Mount Nittany Road, just make sure to respect private property and keep the road clear for other cars. Nittany Road 7/10ths of a mile up the hill to the Trailhead and parking. The Mount Nittany Conservancy welcomes geo-gaming as a healthy physical activity that encourages recreation. Take the blue paths for the more interesting and longer hike.

Check out Penn’s Cave, the Penn State Arboretum, Yost Run Falls, the Scotia Barrens, and Black Moshannon State Park. No matter how you go, a loop of the trails on Mount Nittany is a great way to spend a few hours. At the start of the climb, the richer soils and gentler slopes support a diverse assortment of forest trees, including several kinds of oaks, white ash, sugar and red maples, shagbark hickory, basswood and several other kinds. There’s a special quiet wilderness. You’ll not only be able to enjoy the outdoors, but you’ll also see a few fantastic vistas along the way. Instead, from Station #1 they went straight and followed the Blue trail to Station #10. Information on this web site may contain errors or omissions. Drive 7/10ths of a mile to the traffic light and turn left onto Pike Street. It is a very strenuous hike to the top but a nice walk around once you are there. For those without a vehicle, CATA’s M (Nittany Mall) route will take you to Pike Street and Mary Street in Lemont. South Atherton Street (Business Rt. Parking and the trailhead for the hike can be found at the following coordinates at the end of Mount Nittany Road: 40.811513, -77.807014. Confinement and housing of dogs not part of a kennel. Nittany Rd. People would be amazed to know how much time we spend on cases involving dogs and the responsibilities of dog owners.

The hikes are healthy challenges; the trails’ beautiful, diverse assortment of trees, flowers and ground cover are inspiring, and, in some cases, even tasty, e.g., blueberries. The simple answer to the question just how long does it take to hike Mt Marcy? You can park there and follow the white blazes. The Mount Nittany Conservancy takes NO responsibility for any injuries, accidents, mishaps, etc. We respect your privacy and will never abuse your trust. After years of work, the Mount Nittany Conservancy was set up in 1981 to continue the efforts of preserving the area, which now extends to over 800 acres. Please note that we have a Carry in, Carry Out Trash Policy; NO trash receptacles are located along the trails! Mount Nittany is located less than four miles from downtown State College, and it is one of the best things to do in Centre County. Wear colors that blend in with nature.

Fires are not permitted, due to risk of forest fire. So, on a later trip to the area, I decided to do just that. (spring and fall are best for favorites though).

You may still hike on all MNC lands during hunting season. The PA law states an owner must have “reasonable control” their dog at all times. Nittany Road travels up to the Trailhead. Visitors to the Mountain need to be aware that Pennsylvania has a state-wide dog law. The same site also discusses the PA law in great detail here (and this at the end): Finally, from the Website from Pennsylvania Magistrate District Judge George Clark comes this FAQ: Does the PA Dog Law require that I use a leash when I walk my dog? This trail leads back to the western edge of State College.

There is a small parking area adjacent to the trail which fills up quickly on weekends or summer days. Nittany Road, turn right and walk 7/10ths of a mile up Mt.

Soon you reach north/northwest views of Spring Creek Water Gap, Rockview Penitentiary, and the rooftops of Bellefonte. Exploring the Industrial History of the Alleghenies at Curtin Village at Eagle Ironworks, Visiting the Historic Covered Bridges of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Uncovering the Allegheny Portage Railroad, Riding Streetcars at the Rockhill Trolley Museum.

Station 10: N 40 49.086’ W 77 47.424’

We respect your privacy and will never abuse your trust. Vistas are spaced roughly every half mile to mile. ; Right onto Mt. From there they continued to the Tom Smyth Overlook at Station #9. If you stick to the small circle around the mountain, you can hike it in less than an hour.

Turn right on Porter Road.

Close to the parking area, this trail can at times feel a bit crowded due to its popularity. There are only a few parking spots at the trailhead, but there is an overflow lot nearby.

Continue straight ahead two blocks to Mt. Snap photos of wildlife you spot in our area – plants, animals, insects and more on and around the Mountain – and share them with others. As you climb the trails, the major trees are chestnut oaks, with a scattering of red and black oaks, pignut hickories, and white, pitch and table mountain pines.

Notice: Traveling in the back country can be hazardous. Click. © Copyright 2013-2020 Uncovering Media, LLC - All Rights Reserved, Find more things to do in the Alleghenies Region. Order it now on or Amazon. Additionally, free full-color trail maps are available in a Map Box attached to the large sign at the Mount Nittany Trailhead when you arrive for your hike. Nittany Road as you approach the trailhead, and there is a new overflow lot to the west of the trailhead as indicated on signs as seen below. Looking for more outdoor things to do in and around State College? Even though some hikers have come up with their own modifications to the rule, it is still one of the most common guidelines used to calculate how long a hike will take. Eric Loop, President We adhere to the seven (7) Leave No Trace principles: Please note that due to safety concerns, campfires and overnight camping are prohibited on all lands owned or managed by the Mount Nittany Conservancy.

What is a hike like? This is a great hike, particularly if you are a Penn State fan. Following the primary trails takes you on a big loop. At the traffic light at the bottom of the hill (approx. Nittany Road. (a) Confinement and control.–It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog to fail to keep at all times the dog in any of the following manners: (1) confined within the premises of the owner; (2) firmly secured by means of a collar and chain or other device so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; or. Note: If you hike to the Mike Lynch Overlook, Trail marker #3, the distance is 0.6 miles. P.O.

Even if you are planning to do a day hike, you will need to be able to hike … See the PA Game Commission site for Hunting Season dates. Behaviors such as these increase the risk of wildlife associating people as a source of food — and we already know how pesky some wildlife can be! Bright colors may be easier for others to see, however they also alert animals to your presence and may frighten them away. They continued to follow the Blue trail around the Mountain to the Penns Valley … In June 2010, “Yougimpytube” shared footage they stitched together of 3,685 photos from their 2.5 hour hike on the Mountain, and we’re sharing that video below. to the trailhead. that might take place on the grounds of the Conservancy.

This includes things such as feeding or offering food to the animals. Nittany is more than a local landscape or symbol, it is a place of bustling activity. This is an inevitable phenomenon associated with residential development as our neighborhoods grow.

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