how is hari raya puasa celebrated

Host an Eid day gaming tournament where you play your favourite games online together. In Singapore, this sense of empathy is further expressed in several ways. Families also visit the graves of loved ones who have passed to pay their respects. You can all have lunch together on-screen, or you can also go virtual house-visiting this way, calling up different families and friends. Indeed, Hari Raya Puasa brings to a close the holy month of Ramadan, when the Qur’an was believed to have been first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. And if spending long hours in the kitchen seems more of a chore rather than a way to kill time, patronize a struggling business and order instead. Get the whole family involved with kids on snacks, cookies or easy dessert stations, and yourself and your partner on the main courses. Coronavirus has taken the shine off many religious festivals and events this year, and with the holy month of Ramadan falling within circuit breaker measures, Aidil Fitri will be no exception. Food of Hari Raya Puasa Other than the feasts of home-cooked traditional meals and kuehs, one of the sentimental traditions observed during Hari Raya is the time where everyone in the family ask for forgiveness from each other. It is also the month in which Muslims perform their obligatory yearly fast by abstaining from food and drink from dawn to dusk. Above all else “diet” is a forgotten word on the day of celebration, it’s all about having good food while being surrounded by great company of people. The interpretation that fasting is empathic self-cultivation is supported by the fact that Ramadan is also the time when Muslims are required to perform another compulsory ritual – zakat al-fitr, or the paying of alms. In this sense, Hari Raya Puasa is an empirical event, more than a futurist one – a celebration steeped in practice and experience. Colourful light decorations at the Geylang bazaar during Ramadan display festive greetings in Arabic (Eid Mubarak) and Malay (Salam Aidilfitri). Hari Raya Puasa festivities are among the many aspects that make Singapore a diverse and lively country to live in. ALSO READ: No Visits, Gatherings During Hari Raya Says MUIS; Haj Pilgrimage Deferred to 2021. If you don’t know a great deal about this annual occasion, fret not! In Malay the word Hari Raya means 'A Day Of Celebration' and Puasa derives from Sanskrit meaning 'fasting or abstention'. Adherents of the faith also devote much of the month to worship, charitable deeds and acts of compassion. For this reason, Muslims often give one another packets of dates before the start of Ramadan – a charitable act that can be translated as wishing another a good fasting month ahead. As the world faces threats from extremist groups such as the Daeesh and the counter-threat of far-right groups, this feature of Muslim superdiversity expressed through Hari Raya apparel is an important reminder to not give in to Islamophobia.

Whether you choose to buy your Raya clothes online, or you choose not to purchase new clothes this year and instead donate to charity or to families whom you know have been directly afflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic via pay-cuts and even unemployment, you will always have something that qualifies as your ‘Best Dress’ somewhere in your wardrobe. Green packets are generally given to children and young adults who are not working. 5th May 2020 by Expat Living However, Hari Raya Puasa 2020 Singaporeand world over will have bittersweet connotations to it, as we will not be able to engage in almost all of the activities that we have come to associate Eid with. Rather than see it as commemorating what is to come, it is more accurate to describe Hari Raya Puasa as a celebration of the immediate past. Put on your Best Dress, and Best face, this Eid.

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Create a killer playlist to pump you up and get your family into the Hari Raya mood (Zain Bhikha’s Eidun Said, is always a good one to start off with! The organisers provide support to business owners in both marketing and logistics. Hari Raya Puasa will be celebrated by the Muslims after one month of fasting.

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