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They also said they’re the only candidate who has personally experienced the effects of natural disaster. Annamie Paul (born November 3, 1972) is a Canadian activist and lawyer who has been the leader of the Green Party of Canada since October 3, 2020. Question: How would the Green Party, under your leadership, respond to challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly when focusing on economic recovery? affairs expert and social entrepreneur from Toronto. “It is not reasonable to ask those with the least resources to make greener choices as consumers, without first ensuring they have the financial ability to do so.”. West pointed to the need to 1) inspire all Green supporters and remind them, and all Canadians, that Greens can and will form government, 2) ensure the party supports its riding associations and candidates across the country through more campaign training, brand coordination, and media training, and 3) develop party policies that consider sustainability and the economy, since the two go hand in hand. Lascaris’ politics have nothing to do with genuine socialism: that is, the independent political mobilization of the international working class to establish workers’ power, so that the banks and basic industry and resources can be placed under public ownership and production organized under the democratic control of the working class to meet social needs. “It is not reasonable to ask those with the least resources to make greener choices as consumers, without first ensuring they have the financial ability to do so.”. said the COVID-19 economic recovery needs to be green. cited his experience leading a team of class-action lawsuits, which. Fair Vote Canada. He was a committee chair for Amnesty’s annual “Taste for Justice” fundraiser and was University, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa and speaks four languages. wants to implement his End Poverty Now program and establish a GLI, which he said will help make Canadians more resilient to the economic effects of ecological and global-health disruptions.

culturally diverse ridings, Toronto Centre, as a Liberal candidate. served as Critic for Science and Innovation for the Green Party of Canada from September 2018 to Paul won a bare majority of votes in the eighth round, defeating Dimitri Lascaris. Fightback and Socialist Action—both of which function as loyal factions of the right-wing social-democratic NDP—are now calling on Lascaris to play a leading role in the development of a movement for an “anti-capitalist socialist workers’ party” (Fightback) or a “revolutionary socialist party” (Socialist Action). Glen Murray was born and raised in Montreal, Online voting for members opened Sept 26, 2020.Results were announced live on Oct 3, 2020. constitutional, legal and policy advice to ministers in Conservative, Liberal, and NDP governments. Merner pointed to his experience in government and his “winnability,” noting he came in second in the 2019 federal election with 26 per cent of the vote.

Andrew grew up in Owen Sound, Ontario. wants to reorient the focus of the Green Party to planetary health, which she said has been practised by Indigenous peoples and which prioritizes the health of human civilization. There are currently eight candidates in the running. and sits on the board of the Canadian Medical Association. Register now!

cent of the vote. This is a moment in history. said he wants to welcome new voters who care about people, the planet, and the economy, even though they’ve never voted Green. Learn more about the support we offer leadership campaigns. Ms. Paul is the first Black woman to lead a federal political party in Canada. He’s also run in, and won, eight elections, and has worked on international climate-change and carbon-pricing partnerships, environmental-protection policies, and groundbreaking human-rights and social-justice policies. for Scientists for Future. It therefore should come as no surprise that, contrary to the wishes of his “comrades” in Socialist Action, Lascaris has indicated he intends to make a career for himself as the Green Party’s “left” face. Contestants will gather in Ottawa for the results and we encourage you to join us virtually! If Lascaris and others sought the Green Party leadership by posing as socialists, it is clearly because they sense a political opportunity under conditions of the greatest crisis of capitalism since the Great Depression—one that is already producing a political radicalization around the world, especially among young people. Green Party must become an inclusive movement in order to create a truly representative democracy. She also said she has extensive international experience, as a former diplomat and an innovator in the NGO world. He said about 33 per cent of Canadians have considered voting Green, but only about seven per cent do. Specializing in immigration law, for the past seven years Quotes are candidates’ exact words. candidate in 2014, 2018 and 2020. Jump to navigation Jump to search. After a year-long leadership contest, the Green Party of Canada narrowly elected a new leader on Oct. 3, Anamie Paul, a lawyer and former bureaucrat with Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Such smears are the currency of capitalist politics. Pushed from power, B.C. clinic. She precedes former leader, Elizabeth May who led the party from August 2006 until November 2019 when she announced she would be stepping down.

just future. She also said she has extensive international experience, as a former diplomat and an innovator in the NGO world.

West said there are times when running a large deficit is the right thing to do to keep the economy running — such as when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic — but he said these times must be followed by a disciplined effort to balance the budget and repay the debt to avoid jeopardizing Canada’s future, and to get the most out of our government services. There are currently eight candidates in the running. OTTAWA –  Annamie Paul  is the new leader of the Green Party of Canada. OTTAWA — Green Party of Canada members have chosen Toronto’s Annamie Paul as their new leader. Question: How do you plan to build the Green Party’s base? Question: How do you plan to build the Green Party’s base? A total of eight contestants ran on the final ballot of the Party’s leadership contest. She said she wants to align the party with science, and would communicate the importance of planetary health. Dimitri Lascaris came in second place and Courtney Howard in third. Campaigns are challenging at the best of times, undertaking one during a pandemic demonstrates exceptional fortitude and resilience.

Among the most glaring are: Lascaris’ claim that the capitalist Green Party can be transformed into an instrument to advance the fight for socialism; Fightback and Socialist Action’s promotion of Lascaris as a “socialist”; and Socialist Action’s suppression, until the morning after the Green’s leadership race had concluded, of the fact that Lascaris is a member in good standing of their organization. privacy.

He said about 33 per cent of Canadians have considered voting Green, but only about seven per cent do.

Under his All Rights Reserved. They said the party has struggled to build on past electoral success, because its national messaging has too often alienated people, and the party has not done enough to create safe spaces for under-represented people. Over his 28 years in public service, David provided Amita Kuttner (they/them) is co-founder of “We need to energize a green movement in this country, and I can do that, because young Canadians see themselves in me,” Haddad said. For the first time in 13 years, the Green Party has new leadership, a fresh face and a chance to reintroduce ourselves to Canada. Officials for the GPC say nearly 69 per cent of Green members voted during the 2020 leadership contest. After wishing Paul, in a congratulatory tweet, every “success” in “building on the foundation created” under May’s leadership, Lascaris told the Hill Times, “I think we can emerge from this difficult period a much stronger party and a better party.”, International Committee of the Fourth International, The working class and the environmental crisis, COVID-19 pandemic exposes France’s New Anti-capitalist Party, As Canada’s COVID-19 cases surge, unions and NDP expand their support for Trudeau’s reckless back-to-work campaign, International Youth and Students for Social Equality.

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