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In many towns of Europe a man dressed in bishop's robes comes on a horse or in a boat, acting as St. Nicholas.

It is celebrated on the 25th of December by billions of people. It is like Krishna Janmashtami of the Hin­dus. Town councils celebrate by decorating streets and squares, and providing Christmas entertainment for shoppers. For many centuries, the celebration of Christmas often began with a church service or mass, which lasted from late at night to after midnight on Christmas morning.

These traditions are different in different times, places, cultures and even families.

of the birth of Jesus by using various idols or through art and paintings. prayers to the lord and seek their blessings for their happiness and prosperity.

Traditionally, the presents are not big, and are sometimes hidden, or have a funny joke or poem that must be read. Other plants that have special significance at Christmas are holly which is used as decoration and mistletoe which is hung in the centre of a room. Dlatego dziś szczególnie zachęcam do takich działań swoich współpracowników i partnerów biznesowych, wierząc, że izby zapracowały przez te lata na status solidnego partnera w procesie modernizacji kraju, stanowienia dobrego prawa gospodarczego i integracji z Unią Europejską. Ryszard Szulc – Prezes Zarządu ATANER Sp. And each year there are Bible readings from the Gospels that tell the story of the birth of Jesus.

In some countries, particularly the Netherlands, the tradition grew for children to receive presents on this day, rather than Christmas Day. delicacies, exchange gifts, decorate their homes and remember Jesus, who had

Many people also see Christmas as a time to reach out to others that they know might be lonely, and invite them to dinner on Christmas Day. This was a sign that he would take care of it like his own child. It comes on 25th of December every year. Another Christmas tradition is the sending of cards to friends and relatives. Przemysław Borek – Prezes Zarządu Pekabex Bet S.A. To, że możemy razem działać z Wielkopolską Izbą Przemysłowo-Handlową na polu różnych inicjatyw daje nam to, że zawsze jesteśmy blisko biznesu i poznańskich przedsiębiorców oraz wiedzę, co dla nich jest aktualnie najważniejsze. Spotkania, liczne szkolenia, możliwość nawiązywania kontaktów z kontrahentami nie tylko z Polski czynią WIPH idealnym biznesowym spoiwem. Celem darmowych kursów jest zwiększenie kwalifikacji osób zatrudnionych, a także rozwój kompetencji kadr prowadzących kształcenie zawodowe i ustawiczne.

We also invite you to share your feelings and expereinces on Christmas by sending us Christmas Essays written by you. Legalizujemy umowy, kontrakty, faktury handlowe, specyfikacje, listy przewozowe, świadectwa pochodzenia, świadectwa fitosanitarne, świadectwa weterynaryjne, świadectwa radioaktywności, pełnomocnictwa i inne dokumenty. in the middle of the night. These decorations and the Christmas tree are generally inside, but may be put where they can also be seen through a window by people passing by. He became a bishop and is called Saint Nicholas. On this day the words of Jesus are read and followed. People often travel from far away to be with other family members at Christmas. Christmas is seen as a time for people of all ages to have fun together, for cousins to get to know each other, for grandparents to see their grandchildren and for the family to admire the babies that have been born during the year. Christmas traditions are of several types. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The first scene of this type was set up by St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century.

7) People visit churches and offer Dzięki temu nasza firma może najlepiej odpowiadać na potrzeby swoich klientów. Nowadays most coins cannot be used because they taste horrible and may be poisonous. The celebration of Christmas is a very important time for churches. Shopping malls and big stores often have a Santa Claus, who sits on a throne, while children tell him what they want for Christmas, and have their photos taken. Sprawdź, jakie korzyści niesie ze sobą członkostwo w naszej organizacji. When it is served, the cloth is cut off, brandy is poured onto the pudding, and is set on fire before it is carried to the table. इस दिन ईसा मसीह की कही गई बातों को पढ़ा जाता है और उनका अनुसरण किया जाता है। (The wise men are often traditionally called the Three Kings, because there were three very expensive presents but the Bible does not say how many wise men there were.). 7) 24 December is the Christmas Eve

Shop windows are often decorated with Christmas scenes, with large department stores often having animated scenes to entertain children. 3) People sing, dance, and meet each क्रिसमस का त्योहार हर साल 25 दिसम्बर को मनाया जाता है।

Some towns have a tradition of carols with a choir and entertainers in the town hall, while in Australia and New Zealand, these concerts of Christmas entertainment and carols are usually held outdoors, in parks or even on beaches, with families bringing picnics.

In such regions, Christmas is celebrated on 25 December in the Julian Calendar, but because of the difference between the calendars it is 7 January in the modern Gregorian Calendar. His mother was a young woman called Mary, who was engaged, but not yet married to a carpenter called Joseph. Some people use it as a time of fasting, study, meditation and prayer.

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