earthling in a sentence

A 150-pound earthling would weigh only 57 pounds on Mars.

Similar words: farthing, earth, earthy, earthen, dearth, hearth, on earth, earthly. 1. Random good picture Not show. Earthlings (地球人 Chikyūjin) are the inhabitants of planet Earth. 16. Plant out kales and broccoli for late crops; plant celery (earthing up the advancing crops as required), endive for succession, and a few coleworts. The literary effect aimed for is a distancing effect, inviting the readers to contemplate their own species as it might be seen from an external point of view. As an Earthling, you should be able to wield it. 2. 0 0 If you want to keep your fellow earthlings interested into the next century, I … 1. Earthing up therefore prevents these injuries, but where practised to an immoderate extent it materially reduces the produce of tubers. Meaning: [ɜːθ] n. fastening electrical equipment to earth. Now in the exploitation, there are cavities about history of Buddha, publicity and Kwan-yin, which bring forth abundant Buddha culture to the, 24. 28 sentence examples: 1. Sentence into pic; Feedback; Donate; Home > Earthing in a sentence. earthing Sentence Examples.

0. 1. To observe the earthlings in their natural environment and gently poke fun at them. The labour entailed in repeated earthing up is also considered a serious objection to its general adoption. 3. Plant out kales and broccoli for late crops; plant celery (earthing up the advancing crops as required), endive for succession, and a few coleworts.

They had many wonderful things to teach Earthlings, especially about time. Random good picture Not show. Earthling, Terran, and Gaian are terms commonly used in science fiction to identify humans as opposed to extraterrestrials.

31. Your greatness is deserved and should be revered by, 27. The Earthling who was being held here. He imagined a monster who disguised himself as a kid to attack an, 20.

highjacking this thread to ask another quick potato question I'm still a bit confused about earthing up potatoes. In the high resistivity area, it is very difficult to reduce the earthing resistance to the given value.

They had many wonderful things to teach, 4. Maybe he was in the body but he just liked getting kicked by, 17.

earthling in a sentence. Propagate by slips, or by earthing up the old stems, the various pot-herbs.


Continue hoeing and earthing up the several crops. Sentence into pic; Feedback; Donate; Home > Earthing in a sentence.


Aldrin became the first earthlings to walk on the moon. The earthing up of celery this month is not to be recommended, unless a little very early supply is wanted.

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