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Who wants to be president? It's like, fuck you, man. It felt fucked up. There's only so much you can do now. The idea that it's not cigarettes. She didn't care. Yeah. And what's fun is that you're not supposed to be doing it.

So and again, like right now, the science we have, it can't show us. Sometimes it's just like sometimes you fuck up, like we're all, like, trying to go the right direction. I want to fix things. But I would say to you, I go, listen, man, I know what you're saying, but if I just took you to dinner, you, me and Ben Shapiro went some fucking kosher.

It's not that I want I'll tell you from my perspective is not that I'll go crazy, it's that I have to do it. You knew about her, dude, when I was an open mycar, OK?

First of all, anyone who's famous, anyone I don't care if you're Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi, those are famous people. So what he's saying is not coming from like a place as someone who hasn't, like, worked really hard at it. Get the fuck out of here. So on our house, when you walk in, the first thing you see is what you call it when people.

Yeah, just fire. Right. It was it was a museum of madness you had. He. How carefully is right.

You worry it's going to and that's the weird thing about covid because it's the one thing where you're not allowed to do that anymore, because if you do anything that goes against the government guidelines, anything that goes against what the World Health Organization thinks you should do or CDC thinks you should do, you get kicked off of YouTube, you get silenced, everybody gets removed. I love you, man.

Yeah, if you're in a community that's a small town and something goes wrong, you can kind of bunch up together and help each other. So there was no acid at all. They stop doing it at one point in time. I use it all the time. And then no one's denying that it's real. I can I know I have it. Thuma - Get FREE shipping on your order! Yeah. Chinese handcuffs. Most people are busy.

The mayor said maybe this is our summer of love. That's that's the future of female comedy truly and the future of podcasting.

For all of your secrets, get downloaded into your wife's brain. People are unhappy in your own home, people are freaked out, then why would you even think about socialism, capitalist capitalism or communism when the when the when the pixelate of society is the house, the householder, and within that pixel there's division. Now, they're not going to do you're going to let them be themselves. Yeah, man. All of a sudden they just decided, well, we got the economy needs to work. We can't that's that kind of talk could get you killed because that's the last bastion of the thing that wants to keep us limited. Impossible for us to understand because they were so savage, there was very few rules, people were just dying of syphilis and every other fucking disease that came around the bend, whether it was the flu or the plague, there was no sanitation. If we had a few, like, really serious talks, you those serious talks you like helped me realize that, like, I had to stop being so flippant with my life and that was really good. Do you remember Nero Soup? That was a real girl. Yeah.

And so I think, you know, that's the problem is it's like I just there's nothing worse than when, like, people who are legitimately smart have read a bunch of fucking books, have got Masters degrees, have not developed enough compassion to understand that just about every single person on the planet wants to be happy, wants to have a full stomach, doesn't want to hurt anybody, and would run into a building on fire to save somebody.

And peace be with you.

This thing's dangerous because you develop what's called target panic. Can I just say before we get going, I'm really proud of you. His kids got separated from him. The problem with him saying that is you can go. I'm friends with those two people. But, you know, it's both. Look, no, but like does that should that person be president?

But cigarettes do kill a half a million people in this country every year. So once again, that CBD, MD Dotcom used a promo code. We would be like, what the fuck? What do you know?


And now she's like much more of a centrist. Should we, like, do like a little blood brother ritual or we cut our fingers like blood. We're the only ones that are like, how many goddamn emcees are there? And also if you can find a legitimate rejection, then we will add that to the like. Warner Brothers did it. Nothing is off limits. A lot of people own clubs.

And like what?

You know what bothered me more than anything about the kids in cages? So to me, you know, and they always call it I've always loved that. I mean, that's Matt. That's true, man. It's like they say that women, Furhman whites, like women, could smell a man's clothes and they can sort of I don't know if this is true, but I read that they can accurately depict if they smell a man's clothes, whether or not they should be attracted to that man, whether or not they're genetically they match up well with that man. Right. Well, because they did everything.

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