dotted half note in 6/8

In the second measure, we play the note on beat one and hold it down for three beats. Read about ties and slurs in my next lesson. Ties are used to connect notes with the same pitch. A 3/4 time signature means that there are 3 beats in a measure. In the first measure, there are three quarter notes. Here’s the dotted 1/2 note in a 3/4 time signature. A quarter note with a dot increases the duration of the note by half the value of the quarter note. A sign which signifies a measured silence. The third example is in 6/8 time.

For example, a dotted half note gets 3 beats - value of a half note is 2, half of 2 is 1 so 2 + 1 = 3. dotted whole note = 6 beats; dotted half note = 3; dotted quarter note = 1 1/2 ; dotted eighth note = 3/4; dotted sixteenth note = 3/8; Rests . Try this on your piano. Dotted Half Note in 3/4 Time.

An eighth note gets 1 beat and a quarter note gets 2 beats. Dotted quarter note value. So, in your case of 6/8 time, the total duration in each bar/measure must be 6 8th notes (that could be taken up by 6 8ths, 2 dotted quarter notes, 1 dotted half note etc.) A dotted half gets all 6 beats (4+2=6). The rules for writing for piano in this case are essentially the same as any other instrument, except that piano, while being only 1 instrument, takes up 2 staves. Each note lasts for one beat. Therefore, the remaining quarter note from a dotted half note value is placed in the next measure using a tie. Wikimedia Commons.

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