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In October 2014, negotiations were successfully concluded with the East African Community. Also in July 2014, negotiations were successfully concluded with countries in the Southern African Development Community. The discussion took place on the basis of a joint communication from the Commission and High Representative Mogherini issued in November 2016. They agreed on an action plan, including 16 concrete actions to be initiated or implemented by the end of 2016. These are very popular, and while not unique to Benin, are probably more highly concentrated here than anywhere in the world. Follow the latest developments on policy-making and on legislation under negotiation. The Council asked EU ambassadors to continue the work aimed at finalising and adopting the negotiating mandate under the leadership of the Bulgarian presidency. It is the most comprehensive partnership agreement between developing countries and the EU, covering the EU's relations with 79 countries, including 48 countries from Sub-Saharan Africa. Cotonou is far from an attractive city, even accounting for the expected sprawl and poor sanitation one expects in urban West Africa. Most foreign drivers will have never shared the road with this many motorcycles in their life, and rush hour is especially harrowing as motorcycles scoot in and out of traffic. Some Cotonois will take the taxis (which are safer than zems, and marginally cheaper) for as much of their way as they can, then hail a zem to the destination. The press office holds press events, offers audiovisual coverage of major events and provides facilities for journalists. As negotiations on the future agreement are still under way, parties have agreed on transitional measures to extend the application of the Cotonou Agreement until December 2020. Certain cookies are used to obtain aggregated statistics about website visits to help us constantly improve the site and better serve your needs. The minimum fare is 100 CFA. Council and European Council documents are made available through the public register, in accordance with EU rules on transparency. The European Commission and the High Representative adopted a joint communication on the future partnership with ACP countries. Keep in mind that taxis often cram two passengers in the front and four in the back, though you can double your fare if you want more comfort - so if you have a group of three or more, you may want to negotiate with the driver to take you to your exact destination. The 11th EDF, adopted in 2013, runs from 2014 to 2020 and includes a total of €30.5 billion. It also attracts many government institutions and embassies, regardless of Porto-Novo's status, leading to the city being referred as Benin's de-facto capital. Cyrille LEMEE, Operations Manager Tel., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The tracking system allows to determine the current position of your container on the world map and determines the port and the time spent in port of congestion. The goal of this procedure is to return to a normal relationship between the partners. These can range from a woman on the side of the road with a vat of oil to large open-air bars that double as restaurants during the day.

For those who prefer to stroll aimlessly, the most interesting scenes will likely come in the Zongo neighborhood, the city's busy Muslim quarter centered around the huge main mosque of Cotonou, a hub of street activity. The Cotonou Agreement establishes a procedure which may be used in cases where one of the parties does not comply with the essential elements of the partnership. It meets once a year, alternately in Brussels and in an ACP country, and is comprised of: The ACP-EU committee of ambassadors assists the Council of Ministers and monitors the implementation of the Cotonou Agreement. However, Cotonou is not one-dimensional, and those seeking diversity should check out the haunts listed below. It monitors the negotiations and implementation of Economic Partnership Agreements. Read more about the role of the European Council, Timeline: steps towards a new EU-ACP partnership after 2020, Article 96 - Essential elements: consultation procedure and appropriate measures as regards human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law, New Africa-Caribbean-Pacific/EU Partnership: moving forward towards a new partnership fit for the future (European Commission), Towards a comprehensive strategy with Africa (European Commission), Internal agreement on the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), EU to sign Economic Partnership Agreement with the South African Development Community EPA Group, 1 June 2016, Factsheet: key advantages of the EPA between the EU and the SADC EPA states (European Commission), East African Community: EU to sign economic partnership agreement with Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, Central Africa – EU economic partnership agreement, Eastern and Southern Africa States - EU economic partnership agreement, CARIFORUM – EU economic partnership agreement, Pacific States - EU economic partnership agreement, Finding solutions to migratory pressures (background information), Valletta Summit on migration, 11-12 November 2015, Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement - consultation procedure, Foreign affairs & international relations. It is possible to learn the native Fon language by contacting Vinawamon (2130 0856) or through the [dead link] French Institute's Cultural Centre, ☏ +229 2121 2121, ✉ The press office holds press events, offers audiovisual coverage of major events and provides facilities for journalists. We use cookies in order to ensure that you can get the best browsing experience possible on the Council website. The first series of talks led to broad convergence on the structure of the future agreement and the strategic priorities. The exceptions are taxis available at major hotels (such as the Novotel or Azalaï) or the airport; these are usually late-model compact cars, but figure to pay at least double and up to 4-5 times the above prices. If you're coming from the Americas, you may want to consider taking the direct Ethiopian Airlines flights from Newark or Sao Paulo to Lomé, a relatively painless 3½-hour drive away, including border formalities. This travel guide page was last edited at 22:47, on 6 August 2020 by Wikivoyage user. On 4 August 2014 the agreement entered into provisional application. Cotonou does not exactly have a ton of nightlife to explore, but all the establishments listed below are recommendable - if a bit expat-oriented. The Cotonou Agreement aims to reduce and eventually eradicate poverty and contribute to the gradual integration of the ACP countries into the world economy.

It helps organise and ensure the coherence of the Council's work and the implementation of its 18-month programme. It is based on three pillars: EU publishes proposal for a new strategy with Africa, Cotonou Agreement extended until December 2020, Chief negotiators assess progress and move talks on to next stage. The upmarket Haie Vive area is also a good place to explore on foot, as it's concentrated along a single strip - but don't be surprised expats take their SUVs with NGO plates to have another drink a few doors down. Press officers speak 'off the record' about the Council's activities. The Council of the EU is the institution representing the member states' governments. As long as you're staying within central Cotonou, the fare should not exceed 400 CFA.

In addition, it discusses issues pertaining to development and the ACP-EU partnership, including the economic partnership agreements. Bush taxis also follow this route. Taxis are available in the parking lot, but it's best to prearrange transport in advance. What you need: Your Internet browser must support 128-bit encryption. Papua New Guinea ratified it in May 2011. In 2018, African states decided against replacing the ACP structure and having the African Union lead continent-to-continent talks. The Council of the EU and the European Council work on a wide range of issues affecting the interests of the EU and its citizens.

It consists of the heads of state or government of the member states, together with its President and the President of the Commission. The framework for cooperation in this area is laid down in article 13 of the Cotonou Agreement. To get more information about these cookies, how and why we use them and how you can change your settings, check our cookies policy page.
The EU finances most of its development programmes for ACP partner countries through the European development fund (EDF). Regarding the Eastern and Southern Africa region, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zimbabwe and Madagascar signed an EPA in 2009. Follow the latest developments on policy-making and on legislation under negotiation.

These are the main commercial areas of Cotonou, so shoppers will want to park the car and walk about to check out the shopkeepers and vendors selling anything and everything. The European Council brings together EU leaders at least four times a year. Areas near to central Cotonou are calm, with a few private beaches aimed at exclusive clienteles, but the beachside neighborhood of Fidjirossé has a slew of beachside maquis that attract locals to hang out during the weekend. You can get in contact to arrange a visit, ask questions about the work of both institutions, and request a document, among other services. The parking lot is also somewhere you can buy a Beninese SIM card or change money, but be wary of getting ripped off. Virtually every Beninese town has bush taxi transport to Cotonou, although smaller towns in the north will probably only have one per day or fewer, or may only get you to the next-closest town with bush taxis running to Cotonou. Keep in mind that most taxis are in a decrepit condition.

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