chryses iliad

He is angry and tells of how he bears a huge burden in fighting and is not rewarded fairly -. Agamemnon, quench your anger, relent towards Achilles, our mighty shield against war’s evils.’, ‘Old man, indeed you have spoken wisely’, replied Agamemnon. You’d sooner die. If things are as you think, then is it not because I wish them so?

Do you think, since you demand I return her, that I’ll sit here without a prize while you keep yours? His mind raves destructively, indeed, and he fails to look behind him or foresee what might save his Achaeans in the coming fight beside the ships.’, At this, Patroclus obeyed his order, and leading fair-faced Briseis from the hut, handed her to the heralds, who returned beside the line of Achaean ships, with the unwilling girl. Away now; don’t provoke me if you’d leave safely.’, So he spoke, and the old man, seized by fear, obeyed. First he attacked the mules, and the swift hounds, then loosed his vicious darts at the men; so the dense pyres for the dead burned endlessly.

When the Achaeans sack some rich Trojan city, it’s not I who win the prize. Chryseis' father, Chryses, is a priest of the god Apollo. de:Chryses Apollodorus, Hyginus, R. Scott Smith, and Stephen M. Trzaskoma. What though the immortal gods made him a spearman; does that give him the right to utter such insults?’, Achilles then interrupted, saying: ‘A coward, and worthless, I’d be called, if I gave way every time to you no matter what you say. Bk I:148-187 Agamemnon and Achilles quarrel, Bk I:428-487 Chryses’ daughter is returned, Bk I:568-611 Hephaestus calms his mother Hera, Bk I:357-427 Achilles complains to Thetis, his mother. Though the camp was busy with all this, Agamemnon did not forget his quarrel with Achilles, or his threats, and he summoned his heralds and trusty attendants, Talthybius and Eurybates, saying: ‘Go to Achilles’ hut, seize the fair-faced Briseis and bring her here.

File:Chryses Agamemnon Louvre K1.jpg. Then he served wine to all the other gods, starting on the left, pouring sweet nectar from the mixing-bowl. Apollo, the son of Leto and Zeus, angered by the king, brought an evil plague on the army, so that the men were dying, for the son of Atreus had dishonoured Chryses the priest. He called for Calchas a great prophet to tell them why the arrows were raining down on them. eo:Krizeso You have your power, a goddess for a mother, yet he is greater, ruling over more. Of all the god-beloved princes here you are most odious to me, since war, contention, strife are dear to you. Then men died thick and fast and the god’s darts rained down on the broad camp. What joy in a good banquet if animosity prevails? You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. Their work done and the meal prepared, they feasted and enjoyed the shared banquet, and when they had quenched their first hunger and thirst, the young men filled the mixing-bowls to the brim with wine and pouring a few drops first into each cup as a libation served the gathering. He took his royal place, but Hera, watching, could not fail to know that silver-footed Thetis, daughter of the Old Man of the Sea, had pleaded with him. But Achilles withdrew from his men, weeping, and sat by the shore of the grey sea, gazing at the shadowy deep; and stretching out his arms, passionately, prayed to his dear mother: ‘Since you bore me to but a brief span of life, Mother, surely Olympian Zeus the Thunderer ought to grant me honour; but he grants me none at all. At dawn on the twelfth day, the company of immortal gods, led by Zeus, returned to Olympus. Chryses prayed to Apollo, and he, in order to avenge the cause of his priest, sent a plague sweeping through the Greek armies, and Agamemnon was forced to give Chryseis back in order to end it. Command the rest if you wish, but give me no orders, I’ll no longer obey. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Others, who’ll honour me, are with me: Zeus, above all, the lord of counsel. uk:Хріс. But when the sun’s bright light had faded, each went off to rest in their separate houses, built with rare skill by the god lamed in both feet, famous Hephaestus; and Olympian Zeus, the lord of lightning, ascended to his accustomed bed to find sweet sleep, with Hera of the golden throne beside him. No horse or cow of mine have they stolen, nor have my crops been ravaged in deep-soiled Phthia, nurturer of men, since the shadowy mountains and the echoing sea lie between us.
So they came to the broad camp of the Achaeans, dragged the black vessel high on shore, and propped her with lengths of timber, then dispersed among the huts and ships. Cloaked in mist she rose swiftly from the grey brine, and sitting by her weeping son caressed him with her hand, and spoke to him calling him by name: ‘Child, why these tears? What did Calchas blame the plague of the arrows on?

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