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The controversial fight scene in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is loosely based on Bruce Lee's real on-set squabble with a stuntman named Gene. A series of strokes towards the end of his life curtailed Gary Elms’ wanderings. After training some with his father, Lee began studying Wing Chun at the age of 16 under legendary teacher Yip Man. So, technically, Bruce Lee retired from boxing with a perfect record. By 1966, LeBell had been performing stunts for only four years, but his life’s passion was real combat sports. On March 29, 1958 inside the gymnasium at Hong Kong’s St George’s School, Elms faced off against Lee as he tried to defend his Inter-School Individual Boxing Championship crown. LeBell replied, “I can’t put you down or you’ll kill me.” He held Lee on his shoulders a while longer before putting him down and saying he was just kidding. Booth accepts. Its was meant for chinese opera. Upon moving to the U.S., Bruce Lee had opened up several martial arts studios but still wasn’t happy with the techniques that he had been taught and had been teaching to others. So LeBell grabbed Lee, who started making the noises he became famous for that usually meant someone was about to get their teeth knocked out. Plus, Lee “worshiped the ground Ali walked on.” Lee has even said that if Ali fought him, “He’d kill me.”. So he simply created his own style, which he called “the style of no style.” He wanted a more practical and efficient way of fighting and Jeet Kune Do was born. The score is 1 to 1. Elms passed away on January 1, 2018 and he took all memories of the fight with Lee with him. Do Charlie Sheen And Emilio Estevez Still Talk?

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. He did it his way.”. He brags that he would “cripple” the great boxer Muhammad Ali if they ever fought. There are eye witness testimonies to Bruce Lee in real fights some with names and most without names. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. “Gary wasn’t much for going over the past,” explains Barclay. LeBell said, “I went and worked out with [Lee] at his school. But that was a fight behind closed doors. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website. Such an attitude later drove Lee to create his own brand of kung fu – jeet kune do – and to encompass many forms of combat in the way he trained, and taught. See, somebody always has to bring up a dream match, right? It’s a “friendly contest” to see who can put the other guy on his butt twice. Lee had by that stage found trouble with the law, too, and it would later be on the pointed advice of local police that his family shipped him off to Seattle, for his own safety more than anything else. It’s actually why his parents ended up sending him to the United States as they feared for his safety after he decimated the son of a triad family, according to the legends anyway. However, as unreal as it seems, and unlike the ending of Basterds, Lee’s fistfight in Hollywood is based on a real fight with a stuntman, and Bruce Lee didn’t win. Here’s a look at the life of Bruce Lee and how he influenced MMA and the UFC. Time has allowed the world to piece together much of the puzzle that was Bruce Lee’s life but still there are degrees of both myth and of mystery that surround the man. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. He wasn’t happy with all of the rules and regulations that the sport required, which certainly could have contributed to the creation of Jeet Kune Do, which Lee introduced to the world in 1967. That alone is a remarkable fact given Lee’s rise to fame and fortune was built on his reputation as a fighter, and for decades afterwards there was even dispute about whether the bout even took place. “I think anyone who met Gary will tell you he was a unique individual,” recalls his sister Lorraine Barclay. Unfortunately, Bruce Lee passed away a few years later in 1973. After winning “over 200 trophies” in real combat, he decided to try fighting for entertainment in pro wrestling and Hollywood. RELATED: Quentin Tarantino's 15 Most Popular Characters, Ranked From Basic To Epic. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019.

Here's What Really Happened When Bruce Lee Fought A Stuntman In Hollywood, 10 Actors Who Rejected Quentin Tarantino (5 Desperate To Work With Him), Quentin Tarantino's 15 Most Popular Characters, Ranked From Basic To Epic, once squeezed the literal crap out of Steven Seagal, Quentin Tarantino Talks 'Once Upon A Time in Hollywood'... And Spin-Off Series In The Works, David Spade Posts Random Video Of 'The Bachelorette' And Answers Confused Fans' Questions, The Truth About Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey's Messy Relationship, Tamar Braxton Unfollows Her Whole Family On IG After Her Suicide Attempt, An Inside Look At 'MCU' Star Don Cheadle's Relationship With His Wife. In October 1964, Bruce Lee had a pregnant wife, an unfinished drama education from the University of Washington, and little else.

He developed a reputation for being somewhat of a hothead and got into numerous scuffles in the streets. Most of his notoriety came after the release of his biggest film, Enter the Dragon, that same year. recently did a feature on Elms, who passed away in 2018, calling on numerous sources and witnesses, and recounted the fight that likely nobody thought would be discussed more than six decades later.

Elms’ time Down Under from the 1970s helped expand his interest in and knowledge of native plants and their medicinal uses and he would often disappear into the bush on solo expeditions, testing himself against that nation’s fierce extremes of weather and of landscape. Apparently not happy with not getting a knockout win in his lone boxing match, Bruce Lee simply quit. Bruce Lee Hong Kong street fights - Bruce Lee had one opponent try to sucker punch him on a Hong Kong rooftop. He have martial arts background, but most of his techniques are not meant for real life fighting. Family members gathered at Elm’s funeral recalled gazing up at the sky at night in wonder as their uncle, an amateur astronomer, would chart a course through the various stars and solar systems. Many familiar with the real Bruce Lee disagree with Tarantino’s arrogant depiction of him. Ask anyone about Bruce Lee and they will undoubtedly point out that he was a master martial artist. Bruce Lee ‘inspired millions of people like me to start to train’ says UFC flyweight champ Valentina Shevchenko as ESPN 30 for 30’s ‘Be Water’ returns spotlight to martial arts icon. Wonder how Floyd Mayweather feels about that. Who would win in a real fight between Bruce Lee and this guy?

TLC's 'Unexpected': What Happened Between McKayla And Caelan? It was these same street fights that led to Bruce Lee being trained in martial arts. The stuntman was Gene LeBell, and he was no ordinary stuntman. Having earned a BA in English from ASU, but not wanting to teach, means he's worked too many kinds of jobs to name. After Lee’s real family and friends saw the portrayal, they came to his defense. While there’s a lot of debate over who did what, one thing is clear, and that’s that Bruce Lee had a big role in it. ), Instead of Bruce doing Bruce-Lee-things and taking LeBell’s head off, he screamed “Put me down or I’ll kill you!”. He wanted the fights to look legit, but stunt coordinator Bennie Dobbins had enough and called a stuntman he knew to come and humble Lee. That isn't to say he didn't know what he was doing, and that he couldn't kick pretty much everyone's ass if the mood struck him — he just didn't pick one way to do it. “In the end, it was a unanimous points victory to Lee, and no pride lost for Elms.”. But Elms was always looking to expand his horizons, so over the years he would turn his talents to everything from sheep farming in Majorca to opal mining in the dusty outback surrounds of Australia’s Coober Pedy. According to family members, Elms also kept questioning the world around him. Martial Artist + Artist of Life Bruce Lee is a cultural icon. Instead it seems Elms was simply focused on forging his own path in life, one that now shows him to be quite the unique individual in his own right. “I’m sure you could not meet anyone quite like him,” recalls Lorraine Barclay. Then Booth throws a leaping Lee into the door of a nearby car. “Though rumors that followed the bout would claim a knockout victory to Lee, the reality is that he seems to have bullied Elms around the ring – knocking his opponent to the canvas three times across three rounds – but Elms kept coming back, and he kept attacking. Western-style boxing was the preferred combat sport then, which led to Bruce Lee’s only known official fight. This attitude, and style, eventually shook up the world of cinema through global hits such as Way of the Dragon (1973) and Enter the Dragon (1973) which helped turn Lee into an icon before his tragic death via cerebral edema in 1973, aged 32. A wonderful, wonderful man and a great martial artist.”. Despite his martial arts instructors attempting to harness his rage, Lee was still constantly looking for fights and finally found an official one, a boxing match against 17-year-old Gary Elms, who was recognized as the Inter-School Individual Boxing Champion.

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