357 vs 9mm

Handgun hunting of hogs or whitetail deer at close range is possible, and you can get even more punch from a lever-action carbine in that chambering, so there are uses to the outdoorsman than 9mm just doesn't offer. 50 bis 70 schuss 357 in einer session sollte kein problem sein.
And for all the people who keep saying with today’s new bullet technology and new powders the 9MM is now better and faster, well guess what that same bullet technology and new powders also went into making the 40 SW, 357SIG and the 45ACP also a better round.

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Would I pick the .45 acp because I’ve always been in love with it, and that most 1911s chambered for it can be converted to the mighty .460 Rowland with just a swap of barrels and recoil springs? I’m not suggesting that everyone just carry a .22, but, if it’s all you have, it beats throwing rocks. So what was still available? I’d also point out that the 9 has less recoil and far less muzzle blast, two factors which positively lend to the most important factor, accuracy. Go shoot both. It is very coincidental that I own both guns you have pictured (sig p239 in both calibers) and enjoy firing the sig 357 much more (and find myself carrying that more) but your conclusion hits the nail on the head when it comes to availability and affordability. Damian, thanks for reading the article.

If that’s the case, that is inaccurate, as the 10mm was the mother cartridge of the .40 S&W, which came before the .357 SIG. Another difficulty one may find is the five to eight round capacity these pistols offer in caliber’s from 38 Special to 44 Magnum You must ask yourself “Would I trust my life to six to eight rounds of 357 Magnum or ten rounds of 9mm?” The answer, of course, is an individual choice, On the plus side revolvers never jam. Is it more expensive? The new cartridge was designed to be used for semi-auto pistols because of the platform’s inherent advantages over revolvers: In 1994, it was introduced as the .357 SIG. You have entered an incorrect email address!

It also wasn't until the 1990s that the 9mm really came good. Both are easy to steady and have a good feel to them, something vital in selecting a firearm. Not sure if you’re still monitoring this discussion any longer but regardless, I think this is a good comparison article except for one point. But, just as rifle cartridges that come out and are superior, sometimes far superior to 5.56mm and .308, they can rarely break into mainstream because the world is flooded with 5.56, .308 and 9mm.
Not that I ever want to be in a gunfight. We discussed the .357 Sig but yet again, too costly on the Ammo.

Born in southeastern Washington State, Sam Hoober graduated in 2011 from Eastern Washington University. Elmer Keith, an Idahoan gun nut among other things, got it right when he decided to hot-load the .38 Special for use in some of Smith & Wesson’s .38-caliber revolvers built originally for the .44 S&W Special. But if your Shield is a 4-inch then it might be worth trying. Also you assumed some thing he didn’t infer, nothing in his remark indicates he thought the 357 SIG came before the 40. Handgun rounds in the .38 caliber family have always been the most popular, but since some (.38 Special, .380) are a bit weak the most popular are .357 Magnum vs 9mm. In previous times, the 9mm was wanting for performance, so a lot of people used 115-gr +P or +P+ loads to make up for it, or sized up to 147-grain. His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible. I've only fired 9mm so far.

6 rounds of .357 mag or 16 of .357 sig?

Hi, I am just an average guy with a CHL. Please watch the following 2 videos below in their entirety and just maybe if you can put politics aside you will understand how the 9mm though a good round and can get the job done in most cases is not the perfect defense round that people want it to be. Das mit der Energie ist auch wieder so eine Sache ,bei den Herstellerangaben von Fabrikpatronen … ↳   News, Ankündigungen und Sonderaktionen, ↳   Sammlerwaffen, Raritäten und Ausgefallenes. It’s people like you that make me think the .357 SIG will never die. 124- and 147-grain projectiles are also common, with the former usually losing 100 fps of velocity for the increase in weight, and the latter being around 200 fps slower, with little change in muzzle energy. Would I settle for the .380 acp which, with its really low SAAMI pressure limit, shouldn’t be to difficult to build a gun for as I could just use junk metal pipes? There have been many times I asked myself this question: If I survived a holocaust of some sort — like say a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear fallout — and there was only one semi-auto handgun caliber left in the world, what would that be for me?

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