2k servers down

@NBA2K @Ronnie2K couldn’t buy a Disney jersey I’ve been saving vc for bc of the nba store glitch.

@NBA2K That players can go to to make suggestions. @imdavisss 16 ,15 , 17 in that order, everything else was down hill ,because developers got lazy and thought it was okay to remove fun gameplay , and replicate parks instead of just building upon what they already had. @NBA2K fix the myleague player stats glitch.

the ticket number is 7353015, @Ceelitos8ORTIZ We had no lines, but that was because there are less than 2K voters in this town. @Y2JFOZZYGirl How do you rate 2k over the past 3 months?

Stopped Following you.

@NBA2K @Ronnie2K @LD2K @Beluba Plz fix the pro am glitch. @Aidan97229143 @EAHelp 2k servers never go down for hours at a time!!! Have wasted 2k on call trying to reach them but no way. @LeviBowmanMusic

Customer service just laughs when I call.


I got a 98 PG Shot creator and a 90 PF. @NBA2K YOUR GAME SUCKS!

It keeps saying an error occurred. Hopefully next gen gives us that fresh 2k vibes that 14 and 15 had. It fixed mine anyways, Yo @NBA2K we tired of buying yo game with these bad servers.

@NBA2K So i have a problem im getting ripped by 75 or overall centers but wen i reach on them i get a foul n i have unlpluckable on hof can anyone help, @NBA2K Please DM me I have major problems with my game and the 2K support isn’t helping at all, Anyone else’s game sometimes crash in the middle of a my career game #2k #nba2k #2k21, Since #Madden21 servers are broken like their game, anyone got a @NBA2K code for ps4? @xbox really needs to create a way to be able to back trace all the DDoS attacks and ban these players.

It will be back on the streets on the right buyer.

FIX THIS TRASH!! This is the sad reality of marriages under the Special Marriage Act. Or just delay in general, @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop I'm amazed that you're not working for EA or 2K, but being relegated to working on Google Stadia is fitting in it's own right. Really annoying to suddenly lose access to over 2k people.

@LD2K @NBA2K @Ronnie2K @2KSupport Can you guys fix the servers I’ve never been more delayed on any 2k more then this one n current gen isn’t even that bad but the delay makes it terrible Pls 2k, @Jay63034389

@TPC_Watson Ea servers being down a blessing in disguise?

Missing like 50,000 vc or more.

@2K @EASPORTS #NBA2K21. With his death they are trying to open an investigation, because even our tribal council knows it’s a little sus. @Un_V_lievable @IMYODADDY00 @2KSupport @NBA2K I just submitted my report thank you for responding hope the problem can get fixed soon, @InVinewood I ain’t work 11 hours come home to give mfs buckets on 2k just to see my internet down. Please can you put me through on whatever they tell you is the problem cause I’m really worried nd frustrated.

@MatthewRideout @markusdd5 @greentheonly If Tesla could deliver L3 tomorrow for $2k in LIDAR would you pay it?

But omg we have Mickey Mouse clothes y’all! @Balou945

the ticket number is 7353015, Its been like 4 days straight where the NBA store at the park in #NBA2K21 has NOT been working... whats going on???


@NBA2K Are the servers down bc after the Playstation update my park wont let u squad up or nothing gives u an error screen. @MaltTaster

@freemacciv6pla1 @2KSupport 2K (and @FiraxisGames) could at least say they are working with @AspyrMedia to resolve these issues. 2K support at it again.

@Beluba Everything time I play the rec centre i get a error code 7d1cdfe for the 2k221 message saying there is a problem with your connection to our network please visit nba2k/status, @o_o_o_obrien @jlms_qkw

@Fallout My only wish is for you to OPTIMIZE the game. @JordanKnowsBall

You’re the lucky one.

@btsvotingorg @BTS_twt someone help me, how do you guys collect more than 2k hearts?Because the ad in mine is always not working, @HecStarFlyMoney @EAHelp Im fed up with EA server connection issues.

Help a patriot out; trying to reach 2K sometime today!

I’m sorry I tagged people that aren’t apart of 2k support but I need help all I ask is for a word to be put in of some sort ??. You’re the lucky one. @NBA2K Not interested in starting a ticket again.

@NBA2K Nah what I want is what y’all keep ignoring fix y’all servers on 19 and everything else.

@Fallout My only wish is for you to OPTIMIZE the game. @NBA2K daily bonuses are not working. Tbh I’m also having loyalty issues idk who’s loyal anymore and who’s not nothing against anyone y’all still my guys we can still talk and run every once in awhile but I cannot handle this 2k clan moving forward....HC will continue to a group for my IRL’s but for 2k it is done. Here you see what is going on.

SS cavity rusted. @MDNiceThaKing @NBA2K Even though they servers are still the problem use wired connection if you can, @Anto2k1

Twitter @HamzaFrosty @Jintroid @Fire40 After Frontier told me they didn’t offer fiber in my area AFTER my appointment, I had to beg Comcast to bump up my appointment with them so I’d have internet for me and Draz before the first 2K of the year. @Telstra Hey remove the 2k paywall you have put up and I will, the All access plan from xbox is meant to 0 down 0 interest not locked behind a join out outdated overpriced plans for internet or phones service, @robbedme_2k @Zelle y’all need to fix y’all mf system bc from what I hear today everybody around the world having issues, @sebulba7 Also don't post any of your personal information.

@NBA2K WHY IS THE NBA STORE NOT WORKING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD ? Either unplug it for a min or 2 or you can just hold down the power button until the console goes off.

$TSLA Recalling China vehicles due to the front and rear suspension, ball stud issues (Tesla Inc)

To celebrate I will be sending all people wh…, @Ouladin Go on 2k website and I think u can disconnect accounts. @2K @Ronnie2K @NBA2K, @robbedme_2k

@HadasKressGazit @GovStitt @OKelections Are we voting for a new governor? @NBA2K @2KSupport. I’m having problems with both Madden and 2K. @2KSupport @NBA2K @Beluba @Ronnie2K The issue wasn’t fixed, but I made a ticket, @pawerthegreatjr Unpopular opinion... @2KSupport @JayCTV_ @Ronnie2K @Beluba @NBA2K I already opened a ticket saying that the problem depended on the developers and that they had no information as to the date of resolution ... @raptafan And im not the only one with this problem.

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